Chiitan the Japanese Mascot

When you run a blog like mine and also retweet a bunch of news in regards to Anime and Japanese culture, you’re bound to get similar people or profiles following you.  Currently, some of my more recognizable profiles following me are the anime/comic book artist Genzoman, comic book writer Blake Northcott, Actor James Kyson (of Heroes fame), X Japan founder Yoshiki, and Youtuber Greg Benson.

Today I have a new follower who is infamous around the Japanese mascot circles.  Today I am now followed by Chiitan, who was the unsanctioned mascot of the Japanese city  Susaki.  And here is the screenshot.  And yes, I researched it.  It’s official.

Thanks for the follow?

Chiitan was recently “fired” from being the unsanctioned mascot of Susaki because of the videos they would post on Youtube of the “non-friendly” and dangerous stunts it would perform around the city.  This is a new trend in Japan, where cities would have an official mascot, only to have the real ones upstaged by their more weird, fun, and sometimes crazy unofficial spin offs.

Most cities welcome the attention, but it was not so for Chiitan and Susaki. You would think being “fired” would slow down the antics of Chiitan.  But nope, the Fairy Baby still goes on and has quite a following.  Here are some of my favorite videos from Chiitans official Youtube page.

Hula Hooping:

Ever tried Hula hooping in a mascot costume?  Neither have I, even though I played the mascot of my High School during my junior and senior year.  Let’s see if Chiitan has better luck.

Fails, Fights, and Funny Moments:

Of course there are plenty of these videos on the channel.  Part five happens of be my favorite because it involves a mascot trying to swim in water, which is hard to do of course.

Pilates Ball:

All I have to say it, this does not end well.

I have to say that this is pretty cool.  To be followed by an unsanctioned Japanese mascot is awesome.  I’m moving up in the world!  LOL

If you would like to follow Chiitan, here is the list of social media that you can find the obnoxious fairy baby.







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