Good-Bye Sailor Moon Drops

Yesterday when I was passing through Twitter, I was shocked to find out that the puzzle game based on Sailor Moon, Sailor Moon Drops, will soon be shut down.  This tweet from Moonsticks @ chibijen is where I heard the news.

For those who are not familiar with the game, Sailor Moon Drops is a puzzle game made by Bandai Namco for Android and iOS that’s similar to Bejeweled and Candy Crush, where you match similar gems of color and shapes to pass to the next level or defeat villains.  On each level, you can choose a Senshi of your choice and use their specific powers to eliminate gems and it helps greatly depending on the scenario.  The initial game plays through all the seasons of the original 90’s show and the game would have timed scenarios to obtain prizes like characters not in the story mode or wallpapers for your phone.

The only downfall to the game is you’re only given five hearts (lives), and if you lose all five in the course of solving puzzles, you have to wait 30 minutes for them to regenerate so you can play again.  Extra hearts, gems, and other items could be bought as micro transactions, but luckily for awhile I just played enough to obtain what I needed.

I did scour all of Google to see if the news on it shutting down was true, but could not find any.  I have to admit, I haven’t played the game in a few months due to playing too many other games.  When I logged in last night,  a news window popped up and I found this as the first entry:

We regret to announce the closure of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon: Sailor Moon Drops. Thank you for all your support and we hope that you all enjoyed playing.

We will be keeping the servers open until 3:00 UTC March 28th, 2019 so please continue to enjoy [Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon: Sailor Moon Drops] until the very end.

All items can be used until the last day, so if you have any items or Gems in your account, please use them before 3:00 UTC March 28th, 2019. Also, from today, we are disabling the purchase of Gems. For more information, please check in-game announcements.”

What I did find online was that Bandai did not give any reason why the game is being discontinued, but I can only factor that the game did get released here in 2016, and that since it’s now two years old; I am assuming the only people playing the game is hardcore Moonies like myself.

Good-bye Sailor Moon Drops.  It was fun while it lasted.


Source: Twitter, Comics Beat


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