Life Where I’m From

There are many different channels on Youtube that cater to every aspect and interests regarding Japan.  I’ve showcased quite of few of my favorites here on Good Morning Otaku.  In case you missed them, they can be found here:

Only in Japan:


Simon and Martina:


Today I will be showcasing another one of my favorite Youtube channels and it’s slightly different than the ones I’ve showcased before.  The channel is called Life Where I’m From: What Life is Like Around the World (but Mostly Japan.) The channel is run by Greg Lam, who’s originally from Canada; but moved and got married in Japan.  What makes his channel stand out from the ones I’ve previously reviewed is he offers more perspective about what it’s like to actually live in Japan.  Where Only in Japan and Simon and Martina cover the more culture and touristy things to do in Japan, Greg’s channel showcases what everyday life is like in Japan.  Topics/videos include how to buy a house, working in Japan, what meals you make dinner, surviving earthquakes, and various guides on visiting the country.  Here is a list of my personal favorite videos from the channel.

Shopping at a Big Japanese Mall:

While malls are a dying breed here in the United States, Greg and his two kids visit one of the largest malls in the Chiba district of Tokyo, the Aeon.  The mall is made up of four buildings, with each building sporting three floors each.  That’s twelve floors of shopping heaven!  Each building is themed: Active, Pet, Family, and Grand.  The mall is also tax free for foreign visitors.  There is also a massive food court, that houses at least 18 restaurants.

Brand New Japanese House Tour:

Ever wonder what it is like to buy and live in Japanese house.  Greg tours a new Japanese home located in Edogawa, Tokyo.  Can you believe it only costs $43,500?! When can I move in?!

What Owning a Ramen Restaurant in Japan is Like:

Ramen restaurants have seen quite a surge here in the US (or at least in my neck of the woods).  Ramen is the ultimate Japanese comfort food, and in this video, Greg visits the Mengokoro Kunimoto ramen restaurant, owned and run by Kunimoto.  He does have a Facebook page about his shop, but it is all in Japanese.

Let’s Talk About Weird Japan:

Most people who get introduced to Japan, it’s mainly about the “weird”aspect of the country.  Greg breaks it down in this 25 minute video, though he at first was wanting to avoid talking about the subject.  But when he was asked about it in an interview, he couldn’t shake the question from his brain.  The video covers everything from “why do the Japanese wear medical masks all the time?” to the infamous Robot Restaurant show in Shinjuku, Tokyo.

If you would like to follow Greg and his everyday adventures, he can be found across all social media, which is listed below.  Happy viewing!






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