Happy Birthday Sailor Saturn

Found out through Twitter today that today’s date is the birthday of Hotoro Tomoe; also known as the Senshi of Silence, Sailor Saturn.

Sailor Saturn made her first appearance in Sailor Moon manga during the Pharaoh 90 story arc as Hotoro Tomoe.  She is very sickly and stays home most of the time.  She is the only survivor of a freak accident that killed her mother and left her severely injured.  Her father, Professor Tomoe, made a deal with Pharaoh 90, given cyborg parts and becoming an eventual vessel for the diamon Mistress Nine.


She eventually becomes very good friends with Chibi Usa. Chibi Usa spends many situations trying to convince the Outer Scouts not to kill her.  Hotoro is able to break free from Mistress Nine and gives Chibi Usa back her Heart Crystal.  Sailor Saturn again is willing to risk her life in the first part of Sailor Moon Sailor Stars, again attempting to try and save Chibi Usa by dropping her Silent Glaive staff to destroy Queen Nehalania.

from Sailor Moon Crystal

Sailor Saturn is also seen a lot in manga and promotional art with Sailor Pluto.  I can only assume it’s because Sailor Pluto is the one that sends Sailor Saturn through the time space door in Sailor Moon S, and helps Sailor Uranus and Neptune raise her when she is reincarnated in Sailor Moon SuperS/Stars.

Art by Naoko Takeuchi

Happy Birthday Saturn.  Try no to destroy the world anytime soon, okay?


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