Review: Anonymous Noise

Anonymous Noise was a show I just got done watching recently and had even suggested it in one of my many “you should be watching” blogs.  While I initially was impressed with the show at first, clocking in at only 12 episodes leaves little to be desired at the end; but also possibly leave it open for more since the manga is still ongoing.  Here is my review of Anonymous Noise.

*Warning: Possible Spoilers.*


Anonymous Noise is based off the manga by Ryoko Fukuyama and tells of the intertwined relationships between three main characters.

Our main protagonist is Nino Arisugawa.  She loves to sing and it is said by others that her voice is so mesmerizing that it has the power to draw people to her.


Second is her childhood friend and love interest Momo Sakaki.  Momo was Nino’s friend until he moved away in the dead of night.  He promised her that if she continues singing, her voice will let him find her again someday.


The final and third in this complicated triangle is Yuzuriha Kanade, a boy she meets after Momo disappears.  Yuzu loves music even though he cannot sing.  He prides himself writing and composing music.


The premise of the story starts with present day and you get bits of the story through flashbacks.  Nino and Momo were best friends in grade school.  Their passion for singing is what made them friends.  Then one day with no explanation, Momo moves away, leaving Nino devastated that he never said good-bye.  She later meets Yuku, who fills in the void that Momo left.  But he too moves away but he makes a vow to her that they will someday meet again.


Nino goes through High School orientation and ends up finding Yuzu.  Nino is happy that she has found Yuzu, but the reunion is a bit short lived as Nino is determined to use Yuzu’s band to project her voice so she can find Momo.



The show is well animated, as the character designs match pretty closely with it’s source material.  There’s something for everyone if you’re into teen angst and early romance, Gothic Lolita style, and J-Rock/visual kei music.  The story starts great in the beginning, giving you insight on the three main protagonists personalities and goals.  The music is outstanding as well.  Lots of variety despite being about rock bands.



The major con I had with series comes two fold.  There are quite a few plot holes in the story towards the end.  One of the reasons most likely is the manga is still ongoing in Japan, clocking in at 13 volumes so far (up to 3 translated here in the U.S.), and this show clocks in at only 12 episodes.  For most Anime, this is a common formula.  While most popular manga get about 24 episodes or more seasons (ex. Sailor Moon, Attack on Titan), most somewhat steady manga series or series from up and coming artists get 12 either because of manga still being released when the show is made; or studios are unsure how the show will be received, thus less episodes could help “test the waters” so to speak.

Because of it’s short run and those plot holes, Momo comes off as a class A jerk who deserves no sympathy.  As a result, you cannot cheer Nino no matter how many times she hopes that her voice “will reach him.”  With Momo there is not enough backstory as to why he rejects Nino even though he claims he loves her and is jealous that Yuzu took Nino from him by way of making her the lead singer of his band, “No Hurry to Shout.”  You get some hints by way of flashbacks.  These flashbacks only give information that his parents owed many people money, which meant they were in debt up to their eyeballs.  And Momo’s mom somewhat comes off as overly possessive, but that still wasn’t enough of give us a clearer picture on why he comes off like such an asshole.  You almost end up shouting at the TV that Nino should just give up and stay with Yuzu.  At least he’s willing to stay with her despite her loving someone else and not just because they have the band.


The end gives an opening that there could be another season and more episodes in the future, but as to when or if ever we’ll never know.

The series is worth a look since it is short.  Only problem is it’s only available on Amazon’s Anime Strike Channel, which is an add on if you are an Amazon Prime member.  You can catch on Youtube in snippets, like opening and closing videos.

I give Anonymous Noise a solid 3 out of 5 stars.


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