Ghost in the Shell gets Honest Trailer

The live action version of Ghost in the Shell starring Scarlett Johansson has arrived on digital and blu ray release this week.  I never got around to seeing the film in theaters.  I meant to do so, even though I was conflicted with it’s gorgeous visuals and homages to the anime, and my stance on why I felt that the film should’ve been more true to hiring more Asian actors for the film (even though I thought Scarlett looked cool as the Major).

No film goes unpunished as Ghost in the Shell has now received it’s own Honest Trailer.  For those who somehow live under a rock and never use the internet, Honest Trailers is a series of videos made by the Screen Junkies channel on Youtube.  Jon Bailey uses his action movie trailer voice to poke fun movies and their flaws in the form of a movie trailer, and Ghost in the Shell did not escape his wrath.

The trailer is hilarious and is spot in with many of the problems the film had.  Now all we need is another Youtube channel, Cinema Sins, to sin the hell out of it.  Cinema Sins is another great channel, with longer videos and sins added for flaws in films such as dumb dialogue and technical failures.

If you want to check out other Honest Trailers or Cinema Sins, the links are below.

Screen Junkies (Honest Trailers):

Cinema Sins:



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