Worst Anime Parents Ever

Leave it to the internet to invent holidays.  There are so many it’s hard to keep up.  While some are utterly ridiculous (like National French Fry Day), others come up with the intention of stirring up good feelings and shares.  Today on Twitter, there were a few posts confirming that today is “National Parents Day.”  I had already written blogs on my favorite anime moms and dads, so today we’re doing quite the opposite.  So for “National Parents Day,” I will be writing my picks for the worst Anime parents ever.  Parents whom are just evil, or downright pieces of shit you more than likely wish something would happen to them.


Gendo Ikari, Neon Genesis Evangelion:


Gendo Ikari is the father of Shinji Ikari from the series Neon Genesis Evangelion. While he is a brilliant scientist and responsible for N.E.R.V., and the Evangelion project for existing, he is very cold, callouss, and distant towards his son.  After not seeing or hearing from his father since his mothers death years ago, Shinji is quite surprised that Gendo had summoned him one day to N.E.R.V. headquarters.  While Shinji hopes that this could be the start at fixing their relationship, he is quite mistaken.  Gendo’s intention is to just use Shinji as the chosen Third Child to drive Eva Unit 01, and use the Third Impact to become a God of some sorts. It isn’t until he fails during the Third Impact that he missed his wife Yui’s wish that she wanted a brighter future for their son rather than the hell he brought upon them.

Shou Tucker, Fullmetal Alchemist:


If there is anyone who is just sick, that person would be Shou Tucker from Fullmetal Alchemist. The Alphonse Brothers encounter Shou early in their journey to find the Philosophers Stone.  Shou was also known as the “Sewing Life Alchemist,” and it is his past research that Al and Ed hope to find a way to restore Ed’s limbs and Al’s body.  While Al and Ed research at the house, they become friends with Shou’s daughter Nina.  One night, while looking for Nina, Al and Ed find Shou and he shows them a Chimera that is capable of human speech.  Ed makes the connection that Shou used Nina and the family dog to perform forbidden transmutation to merge the two into the Chimera they see before them.  Ed takes out his frustrations on Shou, but Shou claims he and Ed are alike, considering the price the brothers paid for performing the same ritual to revive their mother.  It is also one of the most heart wrenching scenes I’ve seen in an Anime.  One of the many proving that Anime is not for kids.

Shashi, RG VEDA:


Shashi (pictured left) is one of the characters from CLAMP’s first big manga hit, RG VEDA.  Shashi starts off as one of two High Priestesses from the Ashura clan, protecting the Shura Sword, in hopes that King Ashura’s powers will not fully awaken, for it might mean the end of the world.  What makes her part of this “worst parent” list is eventually she sought power, and King Ashura was not the one who was going to give it to her.  After she commits adultery with Taishakuten, she helps him kill off King Ashura and the Ashura clan.  She then gives birth to twins, one with the blood of Emperor Taishakuten, and the other from King Ashura.  She tells her maids they only saw one child born that take, and takes the child Ashura to the forest and kills him.  Child Ashura’s powers protect him in the end, and Ashura eventually gets revenge for the mother who did not love him.

Ragyo Kiyuin, Kill la Kill:


Ragyo Kiryuin is the mother of Satsuki and (spoiler) Ryuko in the series, Kill La Kill. Ragyo is the CEO of the Revocs Corporation, which is responsible for making all of the Goku uniforms at Satsuki’s academy.  It is her plan to infuse all clothing with Life Fibers so she can take over the world.  What makes her an evil mother is when she first discovered Life Fibers, she experimented on Satsuki when she was young, and when the life fibers didn’t take to Satsuki, she considered her first daughter a failure.  It got even worse when she gave birth to Ryuko.  Barely out of the womb Ragyo started using Ryuko for life fiber experiments.  When is seemed that Ryuko died from those experiments, Ragyo threw her in garbage.  But she lived by being saved by their father Soichiro.  Ragyo has no love for either of them and even goes so far as sexually abusing Satsuki to make herself feel dominant.

Misaki Aoyagi, Loveless:


Going down the road with the abusive mothers , Misaki Aoyagi from Loveless is not only verbally abusive, but also very physically abusive to her son Ristuka.  Misaki was extremely attached to Ritsuka’s brother Seimei, and her mental illness took a downward spiral when he was murdered.  Because of this, she also believes that the Ritsuka of two years ago is gone and that the one that is with her now is a fake.  She constantly beats him, is cold and mean to his friends, and at one point ties him up in a chair, because she’s afraid he will “disappear” like Seimei.  Ritsuka’s fighter unit Soubi and others tell Ritsuka that he should report the abuse to the authorities, but he doesn’t because he wants to find out of Seimei is alive and his love for her prevents him from doing so.

Saki Arima, Your Lie in April:


Saki is the mother of Kousi in the heart wrenching series Your Lie in April. Only appearing in flashbacks, we get a few different views of Saki. Most of them are happy memories of her teaching Kousi the piano.  But as the years move forward, the flashbacks become less happy and more dark.  As Saki becomes more ill, she becomes more physically abusive in teaching Kousi piano.  Kousi plays in hopes she’ll feel better.  She wants him to play and compete, hoping he will have a place in the map like she did when she was a famous trumpeter.  The straw is drawn when she physically abuses him out in the open after a competition.  After she berates him, Kousi breaks, telling her that he thought if he played it his way, it would make her happy and get her better.  It’s a very hard scene to watch and I was in tears afterwards.

The Crafter, Noragami:


The Crafter is the father of Yato and Nora.  The Crafter had trained Yato to be a God of Destruction and having Yato’s sister Nora as his Regalia (weapon).  When Yato breaks away from his Father and cuts his ties to Nora to become a God of Happiness, the Crafter finds new ways to screw with his son.  He also has plans to take over the Heavens, and right now in the current volume of the manga, he has created diversions and the Heavens are now a mess.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this blog about the worst anime parents ever.  If I missed any, don’t hesitate to leave your thoughts in the comments.



One thought on “Worst Anime Parents Ever

  1. These are some great examples of truly horrendous anime parents. For me, I alwyas think of Gendo Ikari when I think of terrible parent but anime finds so many ways to make the idea of parents terrifying. Thanks for sharing.


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