Kizuna Ai

In the age of the internet, anything is possible, especially when you’re a successful Youtuber.

But also, you don’t have to be real to be successful either.  Enter in virtal idol Kizuna Ai.


Kizuna Ai’s model is the creation of three creators.  Morikura Yen, who created the design for Kizuna, Tomitake, who created her 3D model, and Tda, who supervises the making of the videos.

Kizuna Ai’s Youtube channel, also known as A.I. Channel, was launched in October 2016 with a video about her creating a Twitter account.

Kizuna Ai does many videos which range from her playing video games, talking about everyday life, spoofing songs (most famously Piktaro’s Pen Pineapple Apple Pen), and drawing.  Though through outlets like Kotaku and Reddit, the video that was her claim to fame was her playing and commentating to the Stream horror game “Inside.”  It received 64,000 views when it was uploaded and now has over 900,000 views.

She has become very popular since then, with over 600,000 followers on Youtube and over 82,000 followers on Twitter.  I like her channel because the videos are so Kawaii (cute), and what the possibilities can be for the future of virtual Idols.  She has even become so popular that she has been cosplayed.  Recently a video surfaced of someone cosplay as Kizuna, pretending to make a similar video where Ai chooses random faces from off screen and then making a similar face herself.  It’s cute and funny how very similar it is.

I suggest checking out the A.I. Channel.  It’s worth a look if you’re into very cute virtual idols.

Youtube A.I. Channel:





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