Happy Birthday Usagi

Today, June 30th is the birthday of Anime’s most famous magical girl, Sailor Moon / Usagi Tsukino.

Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask’s child, Chibi Usa’s birthday is also today!

Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 6.31.11 PM

In celebration for Usagi’s birthday, there was a “25th Usagi Birthday Anniversary” live event in Japan.  It took place at the TOEI movie theater in Giza, Tokyo.  It also gave us a slight update on the next installment of the Sailor Moon Crystal anime.  Season three’s last episode left us all in cliffhanger mode as Usagi and Chibi Usa hear the bells that signaled the coming of Pegasus/Helios.

Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 9.01.24 AM

The next story arc from the manga, “The Dead Moon Circus,” will not be planned for television as the last three seasons were.  Instead, the Circus story arc will be made as a two part Film series.  No release date has been mentioned, but Chiaki Kon, who directed season three will be back on board for both films.

So Happy Birthday Usagi!  Hopefully Tuxedo Mask got you what you wanted.



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