Artist Spotlight: Junko Mizuno

Decided to try out a new type of blog for the site.  While my site is devoted to mostly Anime, I also sometimes talk about cool, awesome, and sometimes weird stuff from Japan.  When I first started this blog, there was a happy medium of Anime, Video Games, and weird/cool stuff about Japan.  Now Anime lately has seemed to dominate most of this blog.  Not on purpose, but I think because most Anime is easier to follow and takes less time to get considering how I’ve managed my time lately.

So I’m going to start a series of blogs that will spotlight different artists from Japan.  Some will be manga artists I’ve enjoyed over the years and some will be artists who don’t do manga, but show up a lot in the Pop Art scene (like those who are showcased in magazines like Juxpose and Hi Fructose).  Which brings me to my choice for the first blog in this series, the artist Junko Mizuno.


Junko Mizuno stepped out initially on the manga scene in around 1995.  Most of her work initially was doing gothic/kawaii renditions of fairy tales.  Three of those tales are available in the US through VIZ Media.  They are Cinderella,


Hansel and Gretel,


and The Princess Mermaid (a take on the Little Mermaid).


A lot of her art has also been showcased around the pop art scene.  Her art has been featured in many galleries and there is currently a showing of her art at Gallery Nucleus in Los Angeles.

What I like about her work it that is it cute, surreal, sexual, and grotesques at the same time.  Somehow she just makes it all fit together.  Though it has been not without criticism.  When first starting out, a Kinokuniya publisher has asked her to tone down her manga Pure Trance due to it’s content being so different from most mainstream manga at the time.




This week, she published a new fairy tale book courtesy of Titan Comics called Ravina the Witch.


Another great fairy tale story, the artwork is amazing and has that cute gothic style.  I suggest picking it up.  Just the artwork alone is worth the price.  You can currently pick it up a local comic book stores (where I picked up mine), Amazon, and Barnes and Noble.

If you would like to follow Junko Mizuno, or are just interested in just taking a peek at her work, you can find her here:







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