You Should Be Watching

Hey everyone.  Sorry I’ve been a little scarce over the past couple weeks.  I have a few blogs line up for the next week or so.  But for now here’s another round of shows you should be watching, currently being watched by yours truly.

The Royal Tutor:


Heine Wittgestein has been summoned by the King of Glanzreich to help tutor the future heirs to the throne.  The only problem is the four princes have a reputation of driving off every single tutor that has been brought their way.  Will Heine be able to fend off the tricks of the four princes and be able to teach them?

Based on the manga by Higasa Akai, The Royal Tutor is currently airing Crunchyroll.  New episodes air every Tuesday after it airs in Japan, and there are six episodes to date.  The Royal Tutor is fun and cute, and definitely for those who are into Bishonen.    There are plenty of characters to appease every fangirls dreams.


Heine Wittgestein is the Royal Tutor.  Summoned by King Viktor, Heine is determined to keep his position and not be another casualty of the four Princes antics.  Upon first arriving, many mistake him for a kid considering his short height and youthful looks.  He has a no nonsense attitude and is able to make his way around their different personalities.  Apparently, King Viktor and Heine knew each other long ago; and King Viktor knows a secret about Heine that must not be revealed as are the terms of Heine’s contract.


Kain von Glanzreich is the oldest of the four princes and second in line for the throne. Known as the “glaring prince,” his glares make him aloof and scary.  There was even rumors that it was his anger issues that got him kicked out of the military academy.  When Heine meets and tests him, he comes to find out that Kain is a very silent introvert that is extremely misunderstood.  He is even into really cute things, and is often seen with the royal dog, because he is very soft (Funi, funi).


Bruno von Glanzreich is the second oldest and third in line for the throne.  Already considered a child prodigy and genius, Bruno considers being tutored a waste of his time.  He dismisses Heine because of his childlike stature, refusing to believe that someone like him had even gone to a university and got the job as a royal tutor.  Bruno’s mind changes when Heine beats Bruno in many challenges he puts forth on his future tutor.  When he is soundly beaten, Bruno has a change of heart and lovingly refers to Heine as “Master.”


Leonhard von Glanzreich is the third in line of the throne.  The most prideful of all the princes, it’s this trait that makes him very haughty and he considers himself too good be sitting down and “learning.”  Leonhard is also very sulky and when he feels threatened, he often runs away on horseback from the palace grounds.  This comes out in full force when Heine tests him and unlike his other brothers, he fails the entire quiz.  When Heine pursues him, he finds out that Leonhard’s hatred for tutors stems from childhood memories of being abused when he didn’t learn fast enough.  Leonhard gives Heine a chance because he was able to pursue him and not give up on him.


The last heir and youngest of the princes is Licht von Glanzreich.  Even though he is only 14 years old, he has already developed a reputation as a rabid playboy.  He has a slew of women who flock to him and even take a liking to his “cute little tutor.” While he may come off as immature, he does have an air for responsibility and is very perceptive.  When he is not being tutored, he sneaks out of the palace on certain days because he works as a waiter in one of the cities cafes.

I really love this show.  While it seems like another harem type of show with seemingly generic bishonen types, it’s really funny and has it’s over the top moments.  The manga is set to be released later this month from Yen Press.  If you don’t want to wait, they currently publish chapters digitally through their website.

Anonymous Noise:


Nino Arisugawa is a girl who loves to sing.  Her voice tends to attract those around her.  During her childhood, she has two heart wrenching partings.  The first parting was with her childhood friend, singing partner, and first love Momo.  The second is with a boy she meets on the beach and composer Yuzo.  After both partings, she hopes that one day, she will be able to find them by reaching out to them with her voice.

Anonymous Noise is based off the manga by Ryoko Fukuyama.  The manga is currently being released by Viz Media.  Volume 2 was released a couple weeks ago.  The anime is currently being streamed on Amazon Prime’s Anime Strike Channel.  Episodes are streamed shortly after they’ve aired in Japan.  So it can only be viewed if you’re an Amazon Prime member.

The show is a typical high school romance with added j-rock/j-pop elements.  The main players are as follows:


Nino is the main character.  When she was young, she and her friend Momo always sang.  Momo is her first crush and promises her that if they are to part, he will find her by her voice.  She is often seen wearing mask, not because she is sick; but to prevent her from screaming out uncontrollably.  She ends up finding Yuzo during high school orientation.  She is still on the search for Momo.


Yuzo Kanade met Nino when they were young.  It was shortly after Momo had moved away unexpectedly when she finds him composing on the beach she sings at.  They become fast friends, but soon, Yuzo ends up moving as well.  Nino finds him at the high schools orientation, where he’s part of the Rock Band club.  He also moonlights as the lead singer for the j-pop group “No Hurry to Shout.”  He hates that he is short and is constantly seen carrying around a carton of milk.  He has already run into Momo, who has nicknamed him “Lashes.”


Momo was Nino’s childhood friend and first crush.  He promises he’ll find her if they’re ever separated by way of her voice.  It is found out that his family moved because they owed a huge amount of debt.  In order to pay the debt, Momo starts writing and composing songs for up and coming j-pop bands.  He finds Nino during the  Rock Band club’s performance, but refuses to come forward like he promised.  What could be the reason?

Well, that ends another you should be watching.  Happy viewing!


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