Persona 5 Unboxing

A few days ago, I got my birthday presents early.  While my birthday isn’t until tomorrow, my husband Brad was nice to not have me wait in agonizing anticipation for them.  I will do a review for one of them on my next blog, but this blog is an unboxing for a really awesome game.  I did film an unboxing video, but I didn’t like the way it turned out, but there are pictures!!  Here is my unboxing of Persona 5: Take Your Heart Out Premium Edition.

First, the box.  The box that stores all the goodies is very sturdy and has some wonderful art of all the characters and their Personas.  Here is the front:


And the back:


To open, there’s a flap you pull up.  The box stays closed by a magnet.

Next, there’s the cute plushie of the games mascot, Morgana.


Very good detail for being a small plush.  Only problem I had with it was because it was sown a certain way, it cannot sit up straight on it’s own.  It needs something to prop it up.

Next is the art book.


It is hardcover and 64 pages long.  The artwork includes characters and their personas, background and dungeon art, and various other things.  Prima will release a translated edition of the Japanese artbook sometime in June.  Amazon is already taking preorders.

The box also comes with a soundtrack.


The soundtrack is done by Shoki Meguro and Toshihi Konishi.  There are 19 tracks on the CD and they are:

  1.  Wake Up, Get Up, Get Out There – Opening Movie Version –
  2. Phantom
  3. Escape
  4. Life Will Change
  5. Getaway ~ Arrest
  6. Interrogation Room
  7. Recollection ~ Foreboding
  8. Beneath the Mask – Instrumental Version –
  9. Meeting
  10. To Another World
  11. Doubt
  12. Imminence
  13. Ominous
  14. Desires
  15. Awakening
  16. Will Power
  17. King, Queen, and Slaves – Another Version –
  18. Last Surprise
  19. Aria of the Soul

Now if you are a perfectionist and want all the tracks for Persona 5, iTunes has the complete 110 track soundtrack for $29.99.  It is not currently available for Apple Music subscribers.

The school bag is the one item I am most impressed with.


For being a swag item, it is pretty spacious inside.  Outside is black with the Shujin Academy symbol.  The inside sports a plaid design and has one small pocket.  This is generally the size of most of by purse/tote bags and I might use it for personal use.  It folds up really easily so it can fit into the character box.

Last but not least is the game itself.  The premium box comes with the limited edition Steelbook box that you could also get from various retailers like Gamestop and Target.


There you have it.  The complete box of goodies that is Persona 5: Take Your Heart Out Premium Edition.  I will be starting the game later today, and will write a blog on the first impressions.  It looks amazing and has been receiving some rave reviews.  I leave you with the game trailer.

Happy playing.


One thought on “Persona 5 Unboxing

  1. oh i am so so glad you posted this and wrote about the bag! I really wanted to get the bag and my friend who got this set said he doesn’t need the bag so he said he’d give it to me in exchange for an extra nendoroid I have! I’m excited for the exchange! 😀 I was worried about size and if I could actually be able to fit actual books/a ipad in it! 🙂

    i love persona 5 so much!! 😀


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