When You Know Your Obscure Anime

It’s nice when you can surprise people, especially when you get an obscure reference of something you both like.

Today I had to stop off in an Autozone store after work to pick up a bulb for one of my break lights.  As I’m being helped, I began looking at the tattoos on the arms of the man helping me.  On his left arm, he had a Vegeta Tattoo and the symbol from Alphonse’s armor from Fullmetal Alchemist.  But what I really liked was above the Vegeta tattoo, I noticed a tattoo of the character Lucy from the anime Elfen Lied.


So to strike up conversation and to expose my geek self, I pointed out how I really loved his Elfen Lied tattoo, then pointing out his obvious Fullmetal Alchemist one.  He looked at me rather surprisingly and said that I was only the second person to figure out what that tattoo was.  We got onto taking about other anime before I left the store.

It’s nice to find other people who might be into the same things as you are.  If you have not seen Elfen Lied, I highly recommend it.  It is not a long series, only about 12 episodes long plus one OVA.  It may not be for everyone as well, since it does have nudity and is very violent and gory.

It also has one of the best opening anime sequences and theme songs I’ve ever seen.  It is done in Latin and the artwork was taken right out of Gustuv Klimt’s paintings.  I did write a blog last year about my top ten openings and this was one of them.  You can check out that blog for it here:


Or, you can just watch the video here:


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