Favorite Anime Siblings

Anime has it’s fair share of siblings, and in honor of National Siblings Day (which was a few days ago), I would like to share my favorite siblings from shows I’ve watched over the years.

*Warning: Possible Spoilers Ahead.*

Fullmetal Alchemist:


“Humankind cannot gain anything without giving something in return.  To obtain, something of equal value must be lost.  That is Alchemy’s first law of Equivalent Exchange. In those days, we really believed that to be world’s one and only truth.”

This was the first hard lesson learned by one of anime’s most famous set of siblings, Edward and Alphonse Elric.  After their mother dies, the brothers attempt to do the most forbidden form of Alchemy; which is human transmutation.  In an attempt to raise their mother from the dead, the ritual goes horribly wrong due to the law of Equivalent Exchange.  In exchange for their mothers soul, Alphonse’a soul gets ripped from him.  Not wanting to lose his brother as well, Edward sacrifices an arm and a leg to transfer Alphonse’s soul into a suit of armor.  The brothers then become State Alchemists in order to search for the Philosophers Stone, which is their hope to restore Edwards limbs and Alphonse’s body.

Sailor Moon:


Even though Princess Serenity did not have any siblings in her previous life, when she is reborn on Earth, she does have a brother.

Shingo Tsukino is the younger brother of Usagi.  Like the typical brother and sister, they tend to tease each other.  Shingo tends to do it more, because he knows Usagi has many faults like not getting good grades and being a crybaby, especially for someone who is suppose to be a role model for him.  Shingo does love his sister deeply despite the teasing.  He also has a crush on Ami (Sailor Mercury).

Shingo was actually modeled after creator Naoko Takeguchi’s brother.

Blue Exorcist:


Rin and Yukio seemed like your typical set of twins despite having extremely different personalities.  Yukio was straightforward, did well in school, and had already achieved becoming an Exorcist at a young age.  Rin, on the other hand, was a troublemaker.  Rin could never stay in school as he always got into enough fights to be expelled 20 times over. He can’t keep a job and always at odds with Yukio.

Just when Rin’s luck is about to change, he gets into a fight with his adoptive father, Father Fujimoto.  It is then when his powers erupt.  Rin finds out he and Yukio were born from a human mother and that their father is Satan.  But it is Rin who inherits Satan’s blue flame.

After Satan kills the only father both of them have ever known, Rin vows never to use his power for evil.  He starts to go to True Cross Academy in hopes to become an Exorcist like Yukio.  Throughout their adventures, Rin gains friends despite his background, and it seems that Yukio might have inherited some of that power as well.

Tenchi Muyo:


Ayeka and Sasami are sisters and princesses from the planet of Jurai.  Ayeka arrives to Earth after receiving a distress call put out by Galaxy Police Officer Mihoshi.  Ayeka immediately falls in love with Tenchi, the boy whose house Mihoshi is stranded at.  But Ayeka’s hopes are dashed upon the rocks when she becomes rivals with the Space Pirate Ryoko for Tenchi’s affections.

Sasami comes to Earth to rescue Ayeka after a battle with Ryoko destroys her ship.  Ayeka hates to leave but being a Princess of Jurai doesn’t allow the luxury of staying where she chooses.  After many adventures, the sisters go back to Jurai, as it is their royal duty and Ayeka is next in line for the throne.  Not wanting to be away from Tenchi, Ayeka and Sasami run away from their royal duties and exile themselves on Earth to be with him.  They wouldn’t have t any other way.

Himouto! Umaru Chan:


If any sibling pair is like oil and water, the winners would be Himato and Taihei from Himouto! Umaru Chan.  Himato seems perfect to the outside world with good looks and perfect grades, but when she is at home, she is a full blown lazy Otaku, much to Taihei’s dismay.  Taihei constantly has to put up with Umaru’s shenanigans, which range from making him wait in line for exclusive Anime merchandise (so her friends don’t see her full blown Otaku self) to making him do all the chores in the house while she plays video games or surf the internet.

But in all fairness, Umaru does appreciate what Taihei does for her (though she seems to rarely show it), and Taihei is glad that because of her outgoingness as an Otaku, he was able to make friends.

Ouran Host Club:


With all the pretty boys (and a girl passing for a boy) in the Ouran Host Clubit may be hard to make a decision.  But what about two boys that make you see double?  Or maybe you have an brother complex?

Look no further than the twins Hikaru and Kaoru Hitachiin.  All girls who love boy romances, especially with twin brothers go gaga over them.

Hikaru is the older twin, but less mature when it comes to his feelings towards others.  The younger twin Kaoru is quite the opposite.  He is the mature one, able to handle situations better than that of his twin.  This cannot be more clearer when Hikaru takes the only female member, Haruhi, on a date.  One problem leads to another, causing Hikaru to lose sight of what was most important that day, which was Haruhi’s feelings.  After losing Haruhi in a rainstorm, he finds her later on, and apologizes for letting his immatureness get the best of him.



Ritsuka was devasted when his brother Seimei was murdered under mysterious circumstances.  He felt that Seimei was his protector, and after he was gone; Ritsuka has gone through constant abuse at the hands of their mentally ill mother.

One day after school, Ritsuka meets Soubi.  Soubi claims to have known Seimei and was his “fighter” unit.  Together, their team was known as “Beloved.”  He informs Ritsuka that even though he is known as “Loveless,” Seimei made it clear to Soubi that he his to become Ritsuka’s fighter unit.  Ritsuka believes that Soubi knows what happened to Seimei, but Soubi tells very little.  He also makes Ritsuka aware that the brother he thought he knew was a very different person than he remembers.

Through a series of battles with other teams, Ritsuka finds out that Seimei is alive.  When he finally encounters him, he realizes that Soubi’s words ring true.  Seimei is not the brother he thought he knew, and he wants Ritsuka dead.

Revolutionary Girl Utena:

In Revolutionary Girl Utena, there are three sets of siblings, each with their own secrets and problems.

The first and minor set of siblings is the twins Miki and Kaoru.


Miki is the youngest member of the Student Council, and a friend to Utena and Anthy despite the fact that they fight against each other in a couple duels.  Kaoru is his twin and the more meaner of the pair.  She is very jealous that Miki is very talented and feels overshadowed by it.  Her reaction to it all is to sleep with other male students and becoming very over possessive of him.  It’s because of these faults that she duels against Utena as part of the Black Rose incident, and pairing with Miki to see if they are more compatible than Utena and Anthy.

The second pair of siblings higher up on the scale is Touga and Nanami Kiryuu.


Like Kaoru, Nanami is very possessive of Touga, though he is not as submissive as Miki.  Toga does as he pleases, and usually has to scream at his sister not to be so manipulative and naive.  Nanami also has an “Onii-sama” complex, where she almost has romantic/sexual feelings for Touga.  Both siblings have fought in duels with Utena, but Nanami’s intentions for fighting are far more selfish than Touga’s.  In the end, Touga does try to warn Utena about the intentions of Ohtori Academy’s Headmaster, Akio.

Which comes to the last pair of siblings for this show and this blog.  Also part of the Utena series, the last pair of siblings are the highest ranking of the show.  They are Akio and Anthy Himemiya.


Akio is the Headmaster of Ohtori Academy.  While he may seem charming and caring on the outside, he is very manipulative and possessive behind closed doors.  He may also seem like a doting brother to Anthy, but when it comes to bringing “the World Revolution,” he would do anything to posses the Rose Bride and bring about “Worlds End.”  It isn’t until Utena comes along that a wrench gets thrown into his plans, and Utena is able to awaken Anthy’s feelings.




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