Umaru-Chan Season 2!

*Warning: Possible Spoilers.”

One of my favorite anime in the last couple years has been Himouto! Umaru-Chan.  The show centered around teenager Umaru who lives with her older brother Taihei. To the outside world, she seems like any normal girl.  She is very pretty, popular amongst her fellow students, and has top grades.  But when she comes home, she goes through a transformation of sorts.

When she arrives at home, she kicks off her shoes, and dons a hamster cloak.  After donning said cloak, she shrinks into a smaller version of herself.  This version is quite the opposite of the polite girl we see in the outside world.  This Umaru is a full blown lazy Otaku, who makes demands of Taihei, and prefers to be doing one of three things: eating snacks, playing video games, and reading manga.  If she goes into the outside world, she’ll sometimes dawn a mask as so no one figures out that good grade Umaru and Otaku Umaru are one and the same person.


Though whats great about this show is when even when she makes friends, by the end of the season, those friends still don’t make the connection that these two Umarus is the same person.

Like with many anime shows, my husband and I were quite sad to see this show end after only 12 episodes.  Thus is the plight of most anime.  But fear not my friends, there is great news on the horizon!

This morning on Crunchyroll’s Facebook page it was announced that Himouto! Umaru-Chan is getting a second season!!  And much happiness was to be had by all, including my husband and I.


No word on how many episodes, but the announcement came from the official Umaru-Chan website.  The link is below, but just a forewarning, the entire site is in Japanese.

Once at the site, the official season 2 teaser trailer will play.  I will have it posted below.  I am pretty sure Crunchyroll will stream it as it airs.  No offficial announcement has bee made on that; but considering they streamed season 1, this is pretty much a given.

Expect season 2 to air Fall 2017!



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