You Should Be Watching

Hey everyone!  It’s been awhile since I posted one of these.  I think the last one I did was before the year ended and only covered one show.  It’s nice to have weekends off (have since October).  It’s been giving me time to catch up on Anime queued on my various streaming services.  Today I’ll be covering two shows that I have been binge watching over the past month and are really worth your time.

Scum’s Wish:


High School student Hanabi as been in love with older childhood friend, “Onii-Chan” Narumi, since she was little.  A father figure replacement when her own father left her mother, she is happy to know that he will be her homeroom teacher.  But before she can confess her feelings, she finds out that he is love with the high school music teacher, Akane.  Shortly after this revelation, she starts dating Mugi, who was also about to confess his love to Akane. So since they cannot have the people they want, they will just become each other’s replacements.

If you’re into teenager angst ridden anime, then this show is for you.  Scum’s Wish started out as a manga in 2012 by Mengo Yokoyari and ran in Big Gangen magazine.  It’s collected in 8 volumes.  It’s not currently in print form here in the US, but if you’re a Crunchyroll premium member, then you can read it digitally.  Six volumes are currently upload.

The animation is beautiful done.  The story is really good, but be prepared for some depressing subject matter.  Many characters are manipulative and will do anything to get their way while hurting others.  Also, if you’re sensitive to sexual subject matter, then this show may not be for you.  While it’s not on a hentai level, because of the interactions/feelings of the characters can become uncomfortable.

The only downfall to watching this anime is that it’s only available for streaming on Amazon Prime’s Anime Strike channel.  So unless you’re a Prime Member (and are willing to pay an extra $4.99 for the channel on top of the Prime fee), then the only other place to view it is on YouTube.  The only downfall with YouTube is the only videos for this anime that are uploaded there are most of the sex scenes, opening and endings, and viewers online reviews.

Blue Exorcist: Kyoto Saga


Rin Okamura is in a bit of a bind.  The Vatican has found out that he is the Son of Satan and has been in hiding at True Cross Academy.  The Vatican are willing to let him live after Mephisto makes a proposal, but only if he keeps his blue flame under control.  The minute it flairs, The Vatican will issue his death warrant.

Meanwhile, The Left Eye of the Impure King has been stolen, and the Exwires have been assigned to helping at Bon’s home temple in Kyoto.  Things are strained in the group, as they are all unsure about trusting Rin since they now know that he is the son of Satan.

The last time Blue Exorcist aired was almost six years ago.  The show strayed away drastically from the manga around episode 17.  It happens a lot in anime, especially if the manga is still running and not finished enough to catch up with the show (Game of Thrones rings this bell quite true….).

Blue Exorcist: Kyoto Saga plays out the Impure King story arc that ran from manga volumes five through nine.  Any reference to the last few episodes are non-existant and many fans of the original manga (like yours truly) will be completely satisfied with this season.

The season has currently wrapped up as of this past Friday, clocking in at 12 episodes.  Blue Exorcist: Kyoto Saga is currently streaming on Crunchyroll, Hulu, and Amazon Prime’s Anime Strike channel.

Happy viewing!


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