What is White Day?

White Day officially went underway yesterday in Japan! Yes, but what is White Day?


I never knew what White Day was until I started watching Anime and looking into Japanese Culture.  It goes hand in hand with Valentines Day.

Here in U.S., when we celebrate Valentines Day, usually it’s up to your boyfriend/fiance/husband/spouse to maybe shower you with flowers,chocolates and maybe a nice gift; and also take you out for a nice dinner. My husband and I manage to get gifts for each other on this day, just to make it even. In Japan (and also South Korea, Taiwan, and China), Valentines Day is celebrated a little bit differently.


On Valentines Day in Japan, women and girls are the ones who give chocolate/gifts to their husbands/boyfriends, or maybe to that Senpai in hopes that they noticed you.  It’s a symbol of love from them, and if a guy has received a gift, then it is his duty to return said feelings on White Day.

White Day was started in 1978, as an “Answer day” for men to return their feelings of love after receiving them from that special someone.  White Day always is celebrated exactly one month after Valentines Day, which is March 14th.


But instead of chocolates, men have to give something of more value.  Usually popular White Day gifts include White and Dark Chocolate, jewelry, cookies, and maybe if Senpai really noticed, some nice lingeire.  White Day has even become popular as to Anime studios receiving chocolates from fans and giving them something in return for White Day, as you can see with this Black Butler ad.


So now you know about White Day!  Lets hope that the man you love returned it on this day!


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