Sailor Moon Crystal Season 2 Unboxing

On Tuesday, Viz Media released season 2 of Sailor Moon Crystal on DVD and Blu Ray.  I picked up the Limited Edition blu ray at my local Best Buy.  I am glad I did because I bought the last one during my lunch break at work.  The Limited Editions usually go quick, so it’s best to pick yours up soon.  Best Buy currently has it on sale for $64.99.  If you buy if from Right Stuf Anime, they will include a Sailor Moon locket window ornament with your order.

Here are some pictures of the set.  I have also made an unboxing video, which will be posted at the very end of this blog.

Side by side with season one:


Both sets have the gold inlay and brooch decorations in accordance to their season.  Sorry the picture is a little dark, but if you watch the video, the lighting is better.

Blu Ray box:


The blu ray box sports art from the final Blu ray disc release in Japan.  There is also a wrap around cover inside of Sailor Moon floating in front of the moon, silhouetted with the Silver Crystal shining in front of her.



DVD’s are in the front when you open the box (here left), and the blu rays are in the back (right).



As with the last box set, this set also comes with collectable postcards.  Each postcard represents the covers of the Japanese Blu ray releases.  Last set had seven, this one only six.  Postcards include two group shots, Chibi Usa, Sailor Pluto, Black Lady, and Neo Queen Serenity with King Endymion.

Art book:


As with the last box set, this also comes with an art book.  The art book cover sports the same design as the box itself.  Book does include episode synopsis guide, english voice actor interviews, production artwork, storyboards, lyrics to opening and ending themes, and cast listing for both English and Japanese casts.

And here is my unboxing video.  Forgive the background noise.  I was using my phone and didn’t really have time for fancy editing.  You might hear the neighborhood kids playing. Happy viewing!


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