Nintendo 3DS Cover Plates

Usually I do not advertise on my blog (other than what WordPress already adds to my blogs), but for anyone who had read my Pikachu 3DS unboxing blog or watched the video on Youtube, I mentioned I would be selling my 3DS Cover Plates considering they’re one of the only accessories that Gamestop doesn’t buy back.  They’re currently on sale on Ebay.  Below are pictures plus the links in case any of you are interested.

Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer:


I do have two of these available.  I am selling these at $10.00 a piece.  A description is on the listing.

Super Smash Brothers:


This one I am selling for $15.00.

Monster Hunter:


This one I am selling for $20.00.

Also, I am selling various Animal Crossing Amiibo cards.  Most of them I duplicates I’ve acquired, but they’re in good condition and never used.  You can click on my user name on any of these listings which will lead you to my Ebay Shop.  Happy Shopping!


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