Guess Who’s Back?

Guess who’s back?  Back again? Shady’s back.  Tell a friend.  Guess who’s back, guess who’s back, guess who’s back?

Sorry, couldn’t pass up an opportunity to throw in some lyrics to an Eminem song.  Twitter and the Internet was a buzz this morning at some really exciting news.  But lets take a few quick steps back first.

Back in 2013, shortly after the release of the film, The Wind Rises, Hayao Miyazaki had announced again that he was retiring from making feature films.  While we had all seen this cycle before (as far back as Princess Mononoke), this time seem like it was going to stick.  For anyone who had watched the Studio Ghibli documentary The Kingdom of Dreams and Madness, you could sense the finallity of it all when you watched his press conference at the end.  Especially when he said, “This time, it’s for real.”

While he was officially retired from making feature films, Miyazaki still put his hand here and there at Studio Ghibli, mostly making shorts for the Ghibli Museum.  Though in the last few months, there had been news swirling around, stating that Miyazaki was getting the itch and was pitching some ideas for another possible feature film.

Well, it was officially confirmed during a pre-oscar interview that Hayao Miyazaki-san is officially UN-RETIRED!


During this pre-oscar interview, long time Studio Ghibli producer Toshio Suzuki was talking about The Red Turtle, a film that is a co-production of Studio Ghibli and Dutch Studio Wild Bunch that is currently nominated for Best Animated Picture.  During Toshio’s interview, Pete Docter (Pixar) managed to get confirmation that Miyazaki was indeed back at the studio and ready to start a new film.

The news was also confirmed by Kyoto News, which is one of Japan’s largest news agencies.  They ran a report stating that Miyazaki is starting prep work for his new animated feature.  One of their correspondents confirmed the news with a tweet.

We can all now go with the “surprised, not surprised” cliche and look forward to Miyazaki-san’s upcoming feature!  And maybe another retirement announcement after that.  =P


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    1. I’ve had my blog entries reblogged and the last movie review I ever remember writing was on my Amazon profile a couple years back. I had a friend who ran a movie group on Facebook and we would all collectively talk about movies or books that we’ve watched/read. He has long since left Facebook and we don’t post to it as much as we used to.

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