Simon and Martina

Sometimes when looking for something to blog about (as in this blogs case, anime and Japanese culture), it’s nice to come upon material by surprise.  Like a happy accident if you will.

A few nights ago, my husband Brad and I were doing some research on a restaurant that opened 15 minutes away from us.  It was a Shabu place, and being fans of any and everything in regards to Asian cuisine, we decided to search on what a Shabu restaurant is.  We had heard the term many times before, but never heard what is usually served in one or if it was just a fancy name.  So this is where the happy accident comes in.  As we were Googling, Brad had found this video on Youtube.

A few days later, after talking about eventually trying the new Shabu restaurant, I mention that we had to find a place in Orange County that makes Okonomiyaki (Japanese pancakes). I had seen it in a few Anime (Ranma 1/2 and more recently, Sweetness and Lightning), and had been wanting to try it.  So after I started searching, I found another video by the same couple in the above film explaining what Okonomiyaki is.

The couple in question is the happy little accident.  Simon and Martina are a Canadian couple who used to live in South Korea, but are now currently living in Japan.  Even though they’ve been on Youtube since 2008, I have just discovered their channel after viewing these two videos.


I can really relate to Martina, because in one of the videos, she drags her husband Simon to a maid cafe just so she experience the limited time run of Gudentama food they were serving.  They also have a video of them visiting the Sailor Moon cafe that was open during the 20th anniversary exhibit that was in Roppongi Hills, Tokyo.  She speaks to my heart because she fangirled out just like I would have.

I highly suggest subscribing to their channel on Youtube.  They are also on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, plus have their own blog.  Links are below.  Anyone who is a fan of Anime, food, and culture will really enjoy it.


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