Happy New Year and Persistence is Key.

Happy New year everyone!  Hopefully 2017 will be better than last year.  All those celebrity deaths and the election were quite draining.  The last couple weeks were draining for this nerd with the death of Carrie Fisher.  I grew up on Star Wars and loved her as Princess Leia.

Anyway, I’m not going to try and start this year out being mopey.  I have a few blogs in mind to set up for the next couple weeks, plus I do have to finish up the 30 day Anime Challenge that I set up for myself.  I finished up this year with day seven.  Day eight is in the works.  All my pictures are lined up, now I just need to write it.

This blog is about patience and persistence.  Which can be good goals to have with the start of the new year.  So you’re probably wondering what this has to do with anime?

So here we go.  Yours truly usually doesn’t have the best of luck winning prizes.  Like everyone else, I am one of thousands that may be vying for the same prize, hoping to win something (lottery, anyone?).  Years ago, I won some neat Copic swag (which were really only stickers).  There was also a time where I won a prize from Tokyopop (member them? Yes, I member).  What made that prize winning awful was it was a one of kind item (a CLAMP no KISEKI Chessboard with box), and the person who contacted me ended up messing up my address and sending it to a neighbors house.  After a month of figuring out that it ended up there, I confronted said neighbor about it.  She claims she never got it, and when she asked her kids about it, they said they’d never seen it.  But it was also known around the neighborhood that her kids were less that honest and were known to steal and cause trouble.  After contacting Tokyopop and trying to let them know what had happened, they refused to acknowledge they had made a mistake when the proof was in the pudding.

So, with having this blog, I follow a lot of companies through Twitter to get updates, news, and other things of interest to put on this blog.  One of those companies is Crunchyroll.  Every now and then, they have retweet contests.  Many companies do them and all you have to do is retweet “said prize” tweet and if your retweet gets picked, you win.  So you can imagine how many of those I’ve been putting out.

So in March, a retweet contest came up to win a Tales of the Wedding Rings clear folder.  While at the time I hadn’t heard of the manga (read some of it as of this post), the folder looked pretty awesome.  So I clicked on the retweet button and waited.

Usually by the end of the day winners are announced.  But there was no announcement.  I didn’t think nothing of if until three weeks later I finally got a message that I had won.  It felt weird, especially since whoever sent it apologized for it being so late.  I was excited I had won and sent my information.  I was told I would see it soon.  But I worried considering all those years ago and the fact they sent this message late.

So this was March.  Days turned into weeks, and weeks turned into months.  I feared the worst when I didn’t receive answers.  At least once a month I was sending messages, asking if it had been sent, and it had, when to expect it.  I was fearing the scenario from years ago, thinking it got sent to a different address and that any one of my apartment neighbors might’ve had it.  The post office wasn’t helping.  My husband and I have been at the same apartment for four years now, and we’re still getting mail for the previous tenants that have lived in our unit; and occasionally my parents are still getting mail with my name on it.  Finally in July (yes July, a good five months after winning) I got a response back saying, “You’ve still haven’t received it?” I had replied “No I have not.  Is it coming?” But again still never got a response back until September.

Most people would’ve given up on it.  It was a small prize, so why bother?  My husband was even wondering why  I was being so persistent.  At this point, I really didn’t care if I got it, I was on principle now.  When I realized Twitter wasn’t working out, I contacted the company directly.  Even then, it still took two months worth of chatting online with the website and sending a diplomatic email before I got any head way.

A few days before Christmas, a package arrived at my house.  While I would still get the prize that I won (apparently there was no record of it send and it went missing, so another had to be ordered from Japan), the awesome people at Crunchyroll gave me a nice box of loot for the almost 10 month long waiting game.  Here’s what was in the box:


So what I got was pretty awesome.  Items included a Space Invaders Alarm clock, Kukoru No Basket socks (which I am wearing as I write), Gundam 00: Part 3 Special Edition with manga and DVD, a Cardcaptor Sakura dish, Terra Formers OST CD, a Free Endless Summer bag featuring the face of Makoto Tachibana, a Katsura Kotarou figure from Gintama, and a small keychain.  I was amazed they had sent this much stuff, because I wasn’t expecting it.

Thank you to Crunchyroll for all of this!  I’m glad this came through and never expected to be well rewarded.  I guess they wanted to make up for all the trouble.  I loved all what I got and am glad the problem was resolved.


One thought on “Happy New Year and Persistence is Key.

  1. Oh my gosh. From my perspective, you’re so lucky to win all of those giveaway contests, even though they almost always mess up sending it to you safely. And yes, persistence is key to a lot of things. Happy New Year!


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