Fighting STD’s by Moonlight

Sailor Moon has been used over the years to promote numerous things.  Glasses, coffee beverages, and even Marriage licenses.  Today while perusing Twitter, I found out that Sailor Moon in now promoting safe sex, and STD prevention.  Sailor Moon and her creator, Naoko Takeuchi have teamed up with Japan’s Ministry of Health to promote and prevent sexually transmitted diseases.  The Ministry of Health are passing out government issued condoms bearing Sailor Moons image.  They’re mostly being passed around during events like coming of age ceremonies to mostly women in their teens to 30’s who grew up watching the cartoon as children.


While these condoms may seem cute and silly, STD’s in Japan are no laughing matter.  Recently, syphilis has been on the rise; with the current number at 3,000 cases as of October.  The Ministry hopes this helps encourage women to be more active in their sexual health.

The Ministry hopes to issue over 56,000 condoms to local health organizations along with 5,000 posters and 156,000 flyers such as this one with a note from Naoko, where Sailor Moon declares that if you don’t get tested, “she will punish you!’


Here’s hoping that the champion of Justice can get STD’s lowered.

Source: Twitter, Crunchyroll


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