Ever since the dawn of the internet and social media, many have gotten their 15 minutes of fame whether it was through memes, videos, or photos.  From Chewbacca Mom to the Green Leaves singing YATTA, the internet has a plethora of things just waiting to be found.  And one lucky Japanese comedian has hit the 15 minutes big time.  That man is Daimaou Kosaka.


Playing the role of fictional songwriter Pikotaro, Kosaka has now entered the realm of internet glory with his catchy, stuck in your head toon “Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen.” If you have avoided the internet or have been hiding in the cave somewhere, here is the video.  Warning: song will get stuck in your head.

It is on iTunes as a song and ringtone, and it has already had numerous parody videos made, such as this one featuring Ryuk from the new Death Note movie.  The parody video was used to advertise the new movie that is currently playing in theaters in Japan.

The latest homage to this crazy, catchy annoying song has shown up on the internet last night (at least that’s when I saw it posted on Facebook).  This time through Cookie Monster and Elmo from Sesame Street Japan.


Elmo and Cookie Monster use the song to talk about mixing Butter and Chocolate cookies rather than pens, apples, and pineapples.  Pikotaro himself shows up, showing the monsters how to properly do the accompanying dance for their song.  It is also cute to hear Elmo and Cookie Monster speaking Japanese with Pikotaro.  Here is the full video courtesy of the Sesame Street Japan Youtube channel.

I fully take responsibility for putting these little ear worms in your head.


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