Pokemon Sun and Moon Countdown

Here we are on the eve of the release of Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon.  Yours truly will be snagging her copy of Pokemon Moon at Midnight tonight.  Gamestops will be open late so you can pick your copies up. This game looks amazing and I cannot wait to start it.

A lot of my friends have been reminiscing on past Pokemon games, sharing their starters and memories from the previous games.  I am going to share the starters from the games I’ve played, and who I will choose for Pokemon Moon.

Pokemon Yellow:


My first foray into Pokemon was by way of Pokemon Yellow.  My brother started playing with Pokemon Red, but I didn’t get around to playing the games until I watched the series on TV and watching my brother play.  So of course with Pokemon Yellow, it follows the TV series in just the beginning and you start off with Pikachu.  Pikachu will always be one of my favorites since he is so cute!!

Pokemon Leaf Green:


When Pokemon Leaf Green game out for the Game Boy Advance, it was my chance to play the upgraded versions of what I missed in Pokemon Red and Pokemon Blue.  Since this followed the original games, my starter for this round was Bulbasaur.  Usually fire types are my favorites, but once in awhile I make a choice for a grass or water Pokemon.  Sometimes I also go for what’s cuter and to me, Bulbasaur took the cake.

Pokemon Soul Silver:


Most of the time, I am just not real keen on water Pokemon.  I do like a few, like Squirtle, Blastoise, and Greninja.  So when Soul Silver came out, out of the starters, Totodile seemed like the best choice for me.  Plus in the TV series, I liked it’s personality and they way it seemed to get at Ash.

Pokemon White:


When Pokemon White arrived for the DS, I went back to my first love for fire Pokemon and chose Tepig.  I was kind of torn on this one, as I also thought the water starter, Oshawott was really cute.  What was the deal breaker for me was Oshawotts final evolution.  While I know you really shouldn’t go by looks, from a design stand point I just didn’t care for the final version.  So Tepig won.  Sad to say though this was one of the Pokemon games I never got to finish.

Pokemon X:


For Pokemon X, I went with the very cute fire Pokemon, Fennekin.  What helped my with this decision was it’s equally cute evolutions, Braixen and Delphox.  Both carried wands of fire and they seemed very wizard like.  Though like with Pokemon White, I ended up selling the game and buying another because I let it fall by the wayside.  I was so far behind I didn’t want to start over or catch up.  I regretted later on, and I do plan to rebuy it so I can actually finish this version.

Pokemon Alpha Sapphire:


This remake version of the original Pokemon Sapphire is what I am currently trying to grind through right now.  Of course I picked the fire starter Torchic.  Last week it evolved into Combusken, and I am currently using it to procure my 5th badge.  I am going to try my hardest to finish this game, through once I pick up Pokemon Moon, it may be put on hold for the time being.

Pokemon Moon:


After all the videos and announcements in regards to the new games, I have solidified my choice for my Pokemon Moon starter.  This round I am going with the grass type, Rowlett.  I have a thing for owls (I blame Harry Potter), and its final evolution, Decidueye, is really awesome looking.  It is a very Robin Hood-ish looking owl, and it combines Ghost attributes with its grass ones.

Well, there you have it.  I cannot wait to get my hands on the new game!  Maybe I’ll try and actually write a review on this one.  But then again, that might take awhile if I want to catch them all!






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