Sailor Moon R: The Movie Coming to Theaters

Some exciting news to come from Viz Media tonight!!!

Tonight during their live Moon Party broadcast on YouTube (which was also live tweeted), it was announced that Sailor Moon R: The Movie will be screened in theaters in the US coming this January!!!!


The company will screen both an english subtitle version and a new dubbed version featuring their current dubbed cast.  Voice actor Ben Diskin (Naruto Shippuden and  Pokemon Legends) will join as the villian Fiore.  Viz will also be giving out a surprise gift to theatergoers while supplies last.  The announcement trailer is below.

Sailor Moon R: The Movie tells the background story of Mamoru.  As a child, he and his parents were in a tragic car accident.  Mamoru’s parents died, leaving him alone and with amnesia.  While in the hospital, he meets the alien Fiore and they become friends.  Mamoru gives Fiore one of his trademark roses as a gift when he leaves, and Fiore promises to come back with flowers in return.  Fiore returns years later, but his intent seems more than just returning his promise.

Another nice announcement is that not only will Viz screen the movie, but they will also have the Sailor Moon short, “Make Up! Sailor Guardians!”screen before the movie.  None of the Sailor Moon shorts were released in the US, but Viz now has rights to release them.  “Make Up! Sailor Guardians!” was a short that was released in 1993 shortly after the Sailor Moon R season ended.  Usagi and Chibi Moon over hear two girls talking about the Sailor Scouts, which prompts them to debate who the best one is.  You can find the short on Youtube. The quality on most are just okay.  Viz will most likely remaster them.

I have seen the movie before, but I will enjoy it very much when it is released in the theater!



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