Animal Crossing Update

This past Tuesday, Nintendo had a Nintendo Direct that was solely for Animal Crossing.  The video is below just in case you’ve been living in a cave for the past few days.

First, a new Character was introduced.


Harvey is a dog, and keeper of the new campgrounds that has been constructed in your current town.  As keeper of the grounds, this is where you will meet other characters via amiibo and spend MEOW coupons on either merchandise that Harvey is selling or on items in character’s trailers.  Which leads into…


MEOW Coupons!  MEOW stands for Mutual Exchange for Wealth.  MEOW coupons can be earned by doing daily and weekly initiatives.  You get ten right off the bat from Isabelle once she explains the system and shows you the cat machine in front of your city hall.  I’ve already collect four so far from two basic initiatives (hanging clothes in my house, and using the cat machine for the first time).  You can also receive coupons as gifts.

Another character added to the game is not so new, but hasn’t made an appearance since Animal Crossing: City Folk for the Wii.


Wisp is your go to for using Amiibo cards inside your house.  I didn’t him until today when I played my usual round.  He will give you wishes when you free him, and his characteristics will change depending on the Amiibo card you use.

The update is available now.  Not only can you now use your existing Animal Crossing Amiibo cards and figures, but your Splatoon and any Legend of Zelda Amiibos to get exclusive content for your game.  The update will also allow you to transfer over your Happy Home Designer saved data and you can buy items that were only exclusive to that game for your house.  There are also two mini games and an animal crossing camera included.

Happy playing!


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