Day Seven: Your Anime Crush

*Warning: Possible Spoilers.*

Hello all.  Sorry if it seems that I have been scarce as of late.  Last post I mentioned changing jobs, which is part of the reason why.  I’ve transitioned from retail back to an office job (which I have done years ago before working in a bookstore).  So instead of 2 random days off during the week and having most of my early afternoons off, it’s back to a more 9-5 with weekends off.  Now usually I just relax on those weekends and am still used to the fact that I now have a more normal schedule like most people.  So now I will try and blog write often and not be so scarce.

So now I will start catching up on my 30 day anime challenge.  According to the list, I am now on day seven.  Day seven is who is your anime crush.  While one of my crushes is Tuxedo Kamen from Sailor Moon, he has already taken an entry for day three for favorite male character, and I plan to stick him in another entry on this list.  So after going over the list of some shows that showcased a lot of handsome anime men, I’ve honed it down.

For day seven, my anime crush is Abel Nightroad, from the anime and manga series Trinity Blood.


Abel Nightroad is the silver haired priest in the above photo.  Abel is one of the top agents of the AX Division of the Vatican Ministry of Holy Affairs.  Him and other fellow “priests” take orders from the head of Holy Affairs, Cardinal Caterina Sforza.  Usually Abel teams up with Tres Iqus, a mechanical “killing doll” that was created by the Vatican, and Sister Esther Blanchett.  trinity-blood-full-105376

While most of the time his personality seems very aloof, clumsy, and absent minded, he holds a dark secret.  Abel is a “Crusnik,” a vampire like being that feeds off the blood and powers of other vampires.  He only uses about 40% of his power, as if he charges up anymore, he loses control of his mind.  Abel came into working with the Vatican after he sided with humans and hoped that vampires and humans can live in peace.  His brother Cain disagreed, which resulted in the death of Abel’s love Lilith.  This makes for a great reference to the already biblical overtones to the series.  The only other Crusnik alive to side with Abel is his sister Seth.


I think what made me come to this decision of picking Abel was not just because he is a vampire (I am a big fan of vampires, way before Twilight), but because of his very beautiful design.  The character designer for Trinity Blood is Atsuko Nakajima.  His designs are very articulate and beautiful.   He has done designs on other shows such as Princess, Princess!, and You’re Under Arrest.  The best reference for his works is his artbook, Atsuko Nakajima Art Work: Kirara.  There are a lot of great pieces from all the shows listed above, plus fan artwork from various anime such as Rurouni Kenshin and xxxHolic.  The cover is pictured below.  If you would like to order this book, you can find it used on Amazon, or on other anime sites like  The ISBN number is 9784757741058.  Not only is it great for any fans of these shows, but for fans of anime character design in general.


Well, there you have it for day seven.  Day eight will be up soon!


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