Nintendo Unveils The Switch

And quite the switch it was (pun intended).

Sorry for being MIA for the past couple of weeks.  I transitioned to a new job and there is quite a bit of training, so when I would get home, all I wanted to do was rest.

Yesterday on Twitter, Nintendo announced that they would be showing a trailer for their new console, the Nintendo NX.  Some great marketing on their part, considering the “NX” probably most likely was just “next” and they baited and “switched”us.  I know, puns galore, but I love it.

Here is the trailer in case you’ve been under a rock all day long.

A lot of surprises were all throughout this trailer, such as the possibility of taking this handheld where ever you go and maybe playing other games that are not just Nintendo based.  The main component looks like a high def version of the bulky Wii U gamepad, which controls can be snapped or “switched” into place to take it on the go.  It is very iPad like, and it seems like games confirm the rumor that this system will be cartridge based (though in mini format).  The trailer also hinted at the end that Nintendo might use this device and popular versus games (in the trailer, Splatoon) to bring them into the competitive gaming field.


Nintendo has also confirmed the the console will run the NVIDIA processor and that 48 game developers are on board to make games for the system.  A picture was provided by Anime News Network.


Best part about this is the release of the console is actually sooner than I was expecting.  While watching the trailer, I assumed the release might show up as maybe fall or winter 2017.  But we will be able to get our hands on this as soon as March!  So plan for March 2017!!  I assume Nintendo will have more videos and updates when we get closer to launch. I hope it will have compatibility with Amiibos, which I’m sure we’ll be hearing that soon.

And as always, Nintendo, you can have my money!



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