Day Five:Favorite Anime You’re Ashamed to Have Enjoyed

Here we are at day five.  This entry was one of the easiest to figure out on my list considering all the streaming anime I’ve watched in the last couple years.

For day five, you are to pick an anime you’re ashamed to have enjoyed.  In many ways this anime is probably not on anybody’s top ten lists.  Plus it’s plot is rather cheesy and a bit cliche; but I enjoy it just the same and that’s why it’s my entry for day five.

My favorite anime that I’m ashamed to have enjoyed is Uta no Prince Sama.


Uta no Prince Sama is a reverse Harem anime based on a very popular visual novel series. I say reverse harem because a majority of harem shows usually have a male protagonist surrounded by many potential female partners, and hijinks ensue.  In this harem show, the main character, Haruka Nanami has made her way from the countryside to become a famous song composer, and compose for her favorite idol Hayato.  To do this, she goes to Saotome Academy.  Here, she meets many male students who will eventually use her songs to become a famous super boy band.  That band would become Starish.


The members are as follows:

Otoya Ittoki: Characterized by his red hair, he is the first boy that Nanami meets when she gets to Saotome Academy.  They take the entrance exam together and they both end up in Class A.  He is funny and outgoing but also afraid of heights. His reasoning for becoming an idol is he found out that his father was one shortly before his mother died.

Masato Hijirikawa:  Cool and collected blue haired Masato is also in Class A with Nanami, and is the heir to the Hijirikawa Corporation. He is old fashioned and never shows his real self due to his serious personality.  He has a continuing rival with Ren, whom he shares a dorm room with.

Natsuki Shinomiya: Natsuki is also in Class A.  He has an extreme fondness for various cute things, which is how he falls in love with the cute Nanami.  He loves to cook, though 90% of time it turns out really awful.  He has blond hair and glasses.  With those glasses, he suffers from a “Gemini” syndrome.  When his glasses get knocked off, a more wild, seductive, and violent personality named “Satsuki” comes forth.  When the glasses get put back on, he losses any memory of what he just did as “Satsuki.”  His roommate is bandmate Syo.

Tokiya Ichinose: The first student Nanami meets from Class S.  She notices that he bears a strong resemblence to her favorite idol Hayato.  Tokiya lies and mentions Hayato is his all too happy twin brother.  Nanami figures it out later when she goes to a concert where Hayato is the main attraction.  After he fails to put “heart” into his music, he is bumped from Class S to Class A.  He is characterized by his deep purple hair.

Ren Jinguji: Ren is from Class S.  He is very handsome with long flowing blond hair.  He is third in line of the Jinguji family, which owns a corporation.  That makes him rivals with his roommate Masato.  He comes off very as flirtatious and superficial until he meets Nanami.  He plays the saxophone.  His mother was a pop star, but when she died, his father tried to erase anything that referenced her career.  Ren finds this out, and wants to become an Idol, much to his fathers dismay.

Syo Kurusu: Syo is the “Justin Beiber” of the group.  He is also in Class S.  Always sporting hats and vests, he comes off like the punk of the group.  He is the shortest out of all the guys.  He is also roommates with Natsuki.  He develops feelings for Nanami after she understands his feelings of admiration for his idol Hyuga Ryuga.  He is very good at playing the violin.

Cecil Aijima: Cecil started out as the mascot of the show as he spent most of season one as a black cat.  He was cursed with this form but turned back to a human when he grew jealous of the other boys being around Nanami.  It is found out in season two that he is a prince from the fictional land of Agnapolis.  In this season, he becomes the seventh member of Starish.

Season four just started streaming on Crunchyroll.  All the seasons mark Starish’s rise to stardome and their fight between two other idol bands, Quartet Night and Heavens.


So that’s the entry for day five.  I now leave you with a taste of Starish with the video below.  Anime boy bands are WAY BETTER than real ones.



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