Day 6: Anime You Want to See, but Haven’t Yet

Todays anime challenge will be short and sweet.  Day 6 is an anime you want to see but haven’t yet.  There are a couple different anime in my Crunchyroll queue that I have not gotten around to watching yet, but out of those choices, these two anime are the ones I want to watch the most.  But I still have yet to tap into them.  They were summer releases and have become very popular.

The first anime I want to see but haven’t is RE:Zero.


RE:Zero is about a boy named Subaru who is magically transported to a different world while coming home from the convenience store.  After getting beat up by a bunch of thugs, he is later rescued by a girl named Satella.  She is after someone who stole her insignia, and Subaru offers to come along.

I mostly want to watch this for the cool character designs, and like everyone else, I think the maids Rem and Ram are very Kawaii.


The second anime on my haven’t watched list is Orange.

Orange is a high school slice of life anime about a student named Naho Takamiya.  One day she receives a letter from someone who claims to be her from ten years into the future.  She thinks it’s a joke at first, but once more letters come and their contents accurately predict events that are currently happening; she cannot help but take a chance at correcting some bad outcomes from those letters.  Most of them surround a recent transfer student named Kakero.  Can she change the past to correct the future?


Well, day six down!  Hopefully I will get to both of these series soon.  Both series are currently streaming on Crunchyroll.  Enjoy.



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