Day Four: Favorite Female Character

Finally I am getting around to day four of the 30 day anime challenge.  I meant to write this days ago, but it’s been busy and I’ll admit I’ve been distracted by other things such as reading (have a stack of six books waiting to be read) or playing video games.  But enough procrastination, here is the entry for day four.

Day four asks “what is your favorite female character?”  This was a had one to make and I probably could’ve easily write about the three characters I adore.  But when it really came down to it, I realized out of the three, one has been getting my attention as of late, so she will be holding this entry on her own.

My favorite female character in anime is from Sailor Moon, but it is not the lead herself.  That favorite title goes to Haruka Tenou, or as she is best know for, Sailor Uranus.


I love Sailor Uranus because she is tough, strong, and very protective; especially when it comes to Sailor Neptune and Princess Serenity.  Even though she is only 16, she is one of Japan’s top (and most famous) race car drivers (though she does mascaraed as a man).  This causes a lot of perceptions of her gender when she is first introduced, so much so that in the 1990’s anime, Usagi and Minako crush hard for the more male version of her and don’t recognize her later when she arrives still in her male uniform, but showing off her feminine side.


In the manga, there is even more confusion about Sailor Uranus’s gender.  When her and Sailor Neptune appear in the shadows after the Senshi defeat a diamon egg, Sailor Uranus dons a “Tuxedo Mask” like costume (cape and glasses) as they flee into the darkness.  This was also carried over on the new season of Sailor Moon Crystal.


This confusion gets pushed further as she plants a kiss on Sailor Moon, while in her scout uniform.


What I love about this is while Sailor Uranus is mostly female, the symbol of her planet Uranus is completely genderless.  As explained in the manga, Sailor Neptune claims that Sailor Uranus has the strength of both genders.  In other translations, it is translated that Uranus is female but has the heart and soul of a man.


Plus I love the pictures of Uranus and Neptune.  They’re so beautiful together.  They were the first Yuri couple I was introduced to when I started watching anime.


Well, that’s day four.  Hopefully I will write day 5 soon!




2 thoughts on “Day Four: Favorite Female Character

  1. Good pick!!!. I pretty much prefer pluto xDD. Haruka is an interesting character along with Michriu. Good luck on the challenge as well :D.


  2. I never got to watch the anime when Neptune and Uranus were introduced in the 90s – I need to catch up..maybe with crystal.

    But Uranus was in my top 5 scouts I loved how androgynous she is. She’s great! And probably my first female crush because she embodies both genders so well!


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