Outlaw Star Coming to Blu Ray

Warning: May contain possible spoilers.

One of my favorite animes that I watched during the late 1990’s was the show Outlaw Star.  


Outlaw Star was a space opera/western about Gene Starwind and his 11-year old sidekick James Hawking and the sudden problem that has fallen into their hands.  While taking on a job as bodyguards for the space pirate Hilda, they come in possession of the stolen ship Outlaw Star and the bio-android Melfina, who can interface with the ship.  After Hilda sacrifices her life to save them, Gene and James set out for the “Galactic Leyline,” a place that many claimed is an ultimate source of immense treasure, knowledge, and power.  They are soon joined by the contract killer “Twilight” Suzuka and the alien cat girl Aisha Clanclan.  Other bounty hunters and space pirates would stop at nothing to get there as well, and the group has it’s hands full trying to avoid them while getting to the Leyline.


I am very excited as it was announced today that the company Anime Limited will be releasing the series on Blu Ray on December 5th.  The release will be close to the Japanese release.  It will include the series on 4 discs with clean openings/endings, TV commercials, design galleries, and an artbook with all production art.

I found a video of the opening sequence in it’s remastered glory.  Enjoy.


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