Day One: First Anime You Watched

One of the bloggers I follow here on WordPress started the “30 Day Anime Challenge,” and was intrigued. So I am going to try this out as well.

So I ended up going through the whole list (after spending a bit of time finding the right list) and I am ready to start with the Day One.

First Anime You Watched:

If I had to trace back to the earliest recollection of what anime I’ve watched or remembered, we would have to take a time machine to the year 1986.  I was about six years old at the time.  There was a show on Nickelodeon at the time known as Maple Town, and this I would find out later was an anime TV show translated for US audiences.


Maple Town, or rather Meipuru Taun Monogatari, was a show about Patti Hoperabbit and her family moving to Maple Town.  Along the way, the train they travel on is robbed, and Patti is determined to get her stolen property back.


In the process, she encounters a bear by the name of Bobby Kumonoff.  They become friends and the show follows their everyday adventures with the other inhabitants. There were 65 episodes in all for season one, but only a quarter of those episodes aired in the US.


Of course growing up watching this show, it wouldn’t have been complete with its toys.  Nowadays they have similar toys that now go by the name “Calico Critters.”  But I had almost the entire collection of the Maple Town inhabitants, including the house that the Hoperabbit family lived in.


I did also find the Japanese Opening sequence, which I happened to like a lot better than the english language version.  The song is more catchy and is about a minute longer because it wasn’t edited.

Well, there you have it.  Day one of challenge down, will write day two soon!  I will continue it when I can!



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