Hello Kitty / Animal Crossing Collaboration

According to the blog My Nintendo news, Nintendo will have a special collaboration with Sanrio!!

Through the game Animal Crossing New Leaf, players will use Amiibo cards to unlock various furniture that represent various Sanrio characters and a possible themed neighbor to move into your town.  Unfortunately the main cat herself will not actually be moving in.  Here are some Amiibo card previews I managed to find online.

My Melody:


Little Twin Stars:


Hello Kitty:


The cards will go on sale in Japan on November 3rd.  No word from Nintendo whether they will come stateside, but there is a special Animal Crossing Nintendo Direct set for November that will have some announcements for the upcoming Amiibo update for the 3DS game.

It would be stupid for Nintendo not to release them.  As you know yours truly will throw all my money at it.  There is a preview video posted below.  They show off a few Sanrio characters.  I was slightly disappointed that they did not show off a Gudetama set, but I’m pretty sure they’ll have one.  Let’s hope we get some Hello Kitty love over here.


Source: Twitter, My Nintendo News.


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