Sailor Moon Crystal Unboxing

Hello guys.  I’ve noticed it’s been a couple weeks since I’ve posted last.  It’s been busy but I will try and catch up with post a week.

Today I will be covering the new Sailor Moon Crystal Limited Edition Blue Ray box set that came out this week.  The unboxing video is below in case you want to watch me unwrap it.  Otherwise I have some amazing photos of what it comes with.

First up, the box and the art book.  Both sport the same colors and logos.  The box is very sturdy, not like those flimsy paper covers you get on other box sets.  The box also has gold inlays that shine in the light.  The artbook is 88 pages long and has an episode guide, interviews with the english voice actors, and lots of artwork of characters and sets.


The blu-ray box sports art from the first original Japanese blu-ray volume.


Inside, the inner lining background has artwork of the moon with Sailor Moons silhouette in front.  The blu-rays are on the left and the DVD’s are on the right.  Both have different art to you can tell which on is which.


The set also comes with seven art cards.  The cards represent the seven original Japanese blu-ray covers.  This one showcases all the scouts.


And lets not forget Tuxedo Kamen and Princess Serenity!


The box set is currently on sale at Best buy for $64.99.  That’s $18 off of the retail price!  But is is best to snag your copy soon.  My husband Brad got my copy at a Best Buy near his work and they only had three left.  We had gone to a different location days ago for something else and there were only two left in stock.  With it being limited edition, don’t be surprised if it is gone!

Here is the unboxing video if you would like to hear me ramble about this awesome set.  Enjoy!


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