Happy International Sailor Moon Day

Hello all.

If you have been looking throughout Twitter today, you may have noticed though numerous hashtags that today is International Sailor Moon day!!!  There are numerous events going on all over the world and people have been showing all their love for everything Sailor Moon.


There are plenty of people, who like with Pokemon; might say that I may be a bit too old for Sailor Moon.  To them I say, “Nay to you sir.  I AM NOT TOO OLD FOR SAILOR MOON!”  Sailor Moon means so much to me.  In it’s many incarnations (manga, 90’s anime, and Crystal), its messages always ring true, and I can relate to them in so many ways.

Sailor Moon to me teaches girls to be empowered, no matter who are or where you come from.  That anyone can be heroic and powerful, not just one their own, but with the relationships they build with their friends.  That girls don’t always have to rely on a prince to save them (eyeing you Tuxedo Kamen, rose throwing doesn’t always help).

eating serena usagi

What is so great about the main character Usagi Tsukino is she is not perfect.  I know I can already hear you all saying, “But she is. Why are you saying she’s not?!”  But I am about to explain!  Maybe what I mean is she is not without her flaws.  As you start the manga/show, she is just a typical middle school student.  All she cares about is boys, reading manga, and playing video games.  She is not a great student and doesn’t have good grades. (the first test we see her get back has a really low score of 30).  She is a glutton and will eat sweets all day long because she wants to (all that crime fighting must burn off a lot of calories).  She cries at the drop of a hat and whines about everything.  But despite being a champion of justice, these flaws is what makes her human, and for me, makes her very relatable.


What also makes Usagi relatable is she sees the best in people, even if they are the enemy. She can make friends easily and people feel drawn to her, despite he kookiness.  One flaw to the 90’s anime that I didn’t really care for that I loved in the manga and the Crystal TV series is the relationship between Rei and Usagi.  In the 90’s anime, I guess they needed the one who would be the angry, “fire-y” friend (see what I did there).  It wasn’t until the last season, Sailor Moon Sailor Stars that Usagi and Rei had a real, emotional friend moment.  Of course, Sailor Mars was dying and of course since it’s the end, you would try and say what you were feeling.  What I loved about Sailor Moon Crystal is that Rei is more reserved and quiet.  When Rei is confronted by people accusing her of somehow causing loved ones to disappear while at her shrine; Usagi, not knowing Rei or the situation comes to her defense.  Rei is quite surprised when Usagi doesn’t see her as weird, even though she’s a shrine maiden that can read divinations through fire or has crows for pets.

Sailor Moon to me will always be a source of hope.  To follow your dreams/destiny.  To fall in love.  To be strong and fight.  Not to always rely on a guy to save you.  To defend and fight with your friends.  And if you believe, you can win.

Happy International Sailor Moon Day!!!





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