Pop Manga Coloring Book

Quite awhile ago, I published a blog in regards to Adult coloring.  The blog showcased a book about Tokyo.

Well another coloring book has surfaced and it finally covers something on the the manga perspective.


The Pop Manga Coloring Book was released on July 19th and is now available in bookstores everywhere. Here is the only sample page I could find online.


If you recognize the artist, you might’ve seen her work before.  Camilla d’Errico is a famous pop manga artist and has done tons of work for Dark Horse Comics, Disney, and IDW.  Her work has shown up in galleries and she recently was at San Diego Comic Con.  She has numerous books out as well, most recent is her how to book on Pop Art.


You can find both books online and in bookstores.  They’re great books and will hopefully be picking these up soon.

For more on Camilla d’Errico, check out her website at http://www.camilladerrico.com

All images copyright of Camilla d’Errico


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