Pokemon Go Copic Marker Contest

As everyone knows, Pokemon Go has been everywhere.  Yours truly has been sucked in as well.  It’s been fun playing the game, especially seeing other people around me who might’ve not experienced playing the Gameboy/DS/3DS games; but are partaking in this incarnation.  While it still has it’s bugs and it’s quite a phone battery eater, I have been building up my team and collecting items.

Also being an artist by hobby (at least for now anyway), one of my supplies of choice are Copic Markers.  Used by many Manga artists, I love how they blend and how even after months of non use, they still don’t dry out since they’re alcohol based.

Where am I getting at with all of this?  Well, Copic and Pokemon are coming together for a really cool contest.


Copic is encouraging everyone to step away from the app for just a little bit and draw Pokemon!  Draw you favorite Pokemon(s) and choose a team.  Hashtag the team on Twitter, Instagram, or post to one of the Team pages on the Copic site.  The artist with the most votes per team will win a grand prize of a Copic sketchbook and a three marker color set based on your team colors.


Also as an incentive to recruit people to your team, if your team garners the most submissions; the top 20 artists with the most votes will receive a set of Copic multi-liner pens.


Get drawing!! All submissions must be in by August 23rd.  All details (and others I might’ve missed) can be found here:


Happy Drawing!!


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