First Impressions: Thunderbolt Fantasy

During Anime Expo, one of Crunchyrolls announcements was to simulcast a live action glove puppetry show called Thunderbolt Fantasy.  A Japanese/Taiwanese co-production, Thunderbolt Fantasy is close to what a “live action” anime would look like using no actual human actors.  The puppets do not utilize strings, but are placed on the hand (like a glove, of course) and sometimes having to utilize two or more puppeteers to control the action.  I found a couple pictures online of the size of the puppets used for the show.



Crunchyroll has debut the first episode yesterday and having just viewed it a couple hours ago, I have to say it’s one amazing show.  For a puppet television show, it goes all out with the elaborate designs and special effects.  The start of the story begins with intense battle, which sets the pace for this fantasy adventure.  The story is as follows:

“Dan Fei and her brother are guardians of a sword known as the Tian Xing Jian.  They find themselves fleeing for their lives, as Xuan Gui Clan and their leader Mie Tian Hui want the sacred sword.  Dan Fei’s brother sacrifices his life so she can escape.  She is later saved by the swordsman Shang Bu Huan, and the mysterious Lin Xue Ya; who both become her protectors.”

The first episode has made a great impression and I will be staying for the shows duration.  In case you missed it in my Anime Expo blog, the preview is below.  For T.M. Revolution fans, he does sing the opening theme for the show, entitled, “Raimei.”



Opening Sequence:


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