Anime Expo 2016

This past weekend, Anime Expo was held at the Los Angeles Convention center in Los Angeles, California.  This year marked the 25th anniversary of the convention.  Yours truly had planned and tried to go this year, but limited funds and already requesting vacation in the middle of this month had prevented me from doing so.  The last time I ever attended an Anime Expo convention was in 2006.  I had gone to every one since 2001.  2006’s Anime Expo was amazing because it was the year that the Manga power group CLAMP had come over in their first US appearance.


I lucked out getting into their panel on Saturday afternoon, as the line was extremely long and wrapped three floors from the Hall D to the dealers room floor (which is where my fiancé (now husband) and I found ourselves).  Luckily we made it in and the panel was amazing.  CLAMP was a very big influence on me art wise and was one of the few mangaka I consistently followed.  The panel lasted about an hour and half.  While there was no question and answer session for us, they did answer questions that you were able to submit to them earlier via email or through the Expo’s website.  It was also awesome because they showcased the Tsubasa Chronicle anime that had just been licensed by Funimation at the time.  It was a fun experience and it sucks that Anime Expo had not returned to Anaheim since then.  While Los Angeles is a great city, Anaheim is a lot more closer to where I live.

Anyway, there are a lot of awesome announcements this year.  Here are some of the highlights I’m excited for from all the company panels.

Viz Media:

Vis had a lot of announcements this year.  They had two panels, one for just the company in general, and a Sailor Moon celebration panel the next day.

Viz will be releasing part one of the new Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure on Blu Ray.  There will be no DVD release for this, as Viz stated that Warner Brothers still has the rights to distribute the show on regular DVD.  Viz will also stream parts 1 through 4.

For Viz’s manga roundup, they announced that they have licenses to release Dragon Ball Super, The Water Dragon’s Bride, and Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt.  It also has plans to release the Yu-gi-oh Arc V manga.  They plan to also reprint and rerelease the Rurouni Kenshin three in one omnibus collections.

A major manga announcement from Viz is the reprint and rerelease of the Revolutionary Girl Utena manga.  This is great news for me, since I missed collecting it the first time around and only managed to procure the manga adaptation of the movie.  While not set to be released until spring 2017, the manga will be released as a box set, containing 2 hardcover volumes.  It will contain all 5 volumes plus the movie adaptation.


The last major announcement is Viz finally has a release date for the next season of Sailor Moon.  After listening to various concerns and complaints from fans on the previous releases, Viz has taken them to heart in hopes of releasing a better box set.  Sailor Moon S part 1 will be released in November.  It is now taking preorders for the set.


The set will include box that will have room for part 2, six discs, and collectors booklet.  If you preorder from Right Stuff anime, you get a free collectors coin.  The extended trailer is below.

Viz is also still taking pre-orders for Sailor Moon Crystal Part 1.  It will be released next month.  If you preorder from Right Stuff Anime, you receive a free window ornament.



Crunchyroll had many announcements this year.  Their first major announcement was they are now going to enter the distribution market.  They plan to now dubbed anime and license anime for home distribution for Blu Ray and DVD.  They have already have six anime series lined up, which are Berserk, Twin Star Exorcists, Free!, Yamada-Kun and the Seven Witches, Big Order, Gintama, Myriad Colors Phantom World, and Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress.

Crunchyroll has also announced a lot of series from the summer season to stream on their website.  Most of them started streaming shortly after the announcement.  Here is what is set up for the summer.

Food Wars Season 2:




Thunderbolt Fantasy:


Sweetness and Lightning:



Funimation announce that it acquired license to Ghost in the Shell: Innocence movie.  It was previously released by Manga Entertainment, then Bandai Entertainment.  No word yet on a release date.


Funimation has also licensed Makoto Shinkai’s film, Your Name for theater and home release.  Makoto Shinkai is best known for 5 Centimeters per Second and The Place Promised in Our Early Days.  Trailer is below.

Other anime added to Funimation’s list are Drifters, and Show By Rock!! Short!!.  They also showcased their Vision of Escaflowne Blu Ray box set, which will be available for pre-order on July 15th, and released on October 18th.  Those who order their Kickstarter special edition will ship the same date.  I will be picking this up, having missed out the first time around (though I do have the movie special edition box set released by Bandai years ago.)


Yen Press:

Yen Press has required the following manga titles.  Most of the release dates have been set for 2017 for the following: Rokka -Braves of the Six Flowers-, The Isolator, The Future Diary, Big Order, Erased, and Smokin Parade.

Kodansha Comics:

Kodansha has acquired the following manga for US distribution.  They are Clockwork Planet, Fire Force, and Ichi-F.

There are a lot more announcements that were made and can be found on Anime News Network.



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