Favorite Anime Dads

Today is Father’s Day and there are many an awesome dad in the anime universe.  As with my post with Mother’s day with my favorite anime moms; here my picks for the best anime dads.

*Warning: There may be possible spoilers.  If you have not seen any of the anime below and don’t want to be spoiled, it’s best to stop here.  Otherwise, proceed!*

Tatsuo Kusakabe, My Neighbor Totoro:


Tatsuo Kusakabe is a University Professor who moves to the country with his daughters Satsuki and Mei.  The reason is so he and the girls can be closer to his wife/their mother Yasuko, who is recovering from a long term illness at the hospital there.  What makes him wonderful is he not only believes his daughters when they tell him that they’ve seen the spirit Totoro in the forest, he encourages them to keep in contact with him.  He’s very caring, especially when the girls get upset when their mothers illness takes a turn for the worse, and it prevents her from coming home.

Ryoji “Ranka” Fujioka, Ouran Host Club:


Don’t let this picture or the looks fool you.  This is A MAN. One of the best and funniest dads on my list is Haruhi’s father Ryoji, or as he likes to be refered as, “Ranka.”  Ryoji is an executive crossdresser who works at an Omake bar.  He took up crossdressing after Haruhi’s mother passed away.  He swore he could not love another woman like her, casting off his male self and taking up the mantel of a female.  Ryoji is very, very protective of Haruhi, especially when she brings six “boy” friends over to their home.  He especially becomes very defensive against Tamaki when he realize his feelings for his daughter Haruhi.  His behavior is hilarious and many hijinks ensue because of it.

Maes Hughes, Fullmetal Alchemist:


Maes Hughes is the best friend of Roy Mustang in the Amestrian State Military.  His personality is infectious and what makes him a great anime dad is how he gushes over his daughter Elicia.  Whenever someone encounters him, he always whips out pictures of Elicia and of his wife; bragging on how much he loves them and how it motivates him to continue his work every day.  Though with all of his professions of love are of good faith, he usually gets berated by his friends for it.  Hughes unfortunately would never see Elicia grow up, as he is murdered by an imposter.  After his death, three year old Elicia has trouble accepting her father is gone, which is a testament to the relationship they had.

Fujitaka Kinomoto, Cardcaptor Sakura:


Fujitaka is the father of Sakura and her brother Toya.  He is also a professor of Archeology at Towa University.  It’s in his basement office where Sakura finds the Book of Clow and it changes her destiny.  He cooks and sews well. He is always kind to others and is constantly thinking about his wife Nadeshiko.  It is found out later that half of Clow Reeds soul inhabits his body.  As a result, half of Clows magic gets placed in Fujitaka while the other half goes inside Sakura’s friend Eriol.  With this, it makes Sakura the most powerful Magician in the world.

Joichiro Yukihira, Food Wars:


Joichiro Yukihara is Soma’s dad from the anime Food Wars.  He is a 69th generation student from Totsuki University.  He also used to hold the 2nd seat of the Elite ten council.  It’s because of his past association with the school that he sends Soma there, despite it’s 10% graduation rate.  He believes that his son has what it takes to graduate from the school.  He has a care free personality, but becomes very serious when he starts to cook.  He used to be owner and cook of his own small restaurant called Restaurant Yukihara, until he shut it down so Soma could go to school.  As of the current anime season, Joichiro is currently working as a chef at a high end New York restaurant.

Yutaka Gouda, My Love Story!!:


Yutaka Gouda is the father of Takeo and the husband of Yuriko.  Yutaka is the gentler of the two, as Yuriko is one tough mother.  Yutaka fell in love with Yuriko when they were working at the same office.  It was when she protected another coworker from being burnt by hot water did he fall head over heels from her selfless act.  When he hears that his son Takeo has a girlfriend, he does everything in his power to make Yamato feel as part of the family.

Tuxedo Mask (Mamoru Chiba), Sailor Moon: 

Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 9.32.32 AM

Last but certainly not least in this list is Mamoru Chiba, or as we know him as, Tuxedo Mask.  Eternal lover to Sailor Moon (Usagi), and as a result of their love, they have a daughter, Chibi Usa.  When she comes from the future, he feels an overwhelming need to protect the young girl, much to Usagi’s jealousy.  It only makes more sense when the truth about her is reveled by his future self.  He also shares his life force with her when her soul is taken away by Mistress Nine.  He is the ever doting father and lends his power when needed.

And those our my favorite anime Dad’s for Father’s Day.  Make sure to call or hang out with your dads today!


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