How Mochi is Made


One of my most favorite Japanese snacks is Green Tea Mochi.  I either get it cold, as green tea ice cream wrapped in a Mochi skin; or you can by a non-frozen version.  The non-frozen version I usually buy in a six pack at Cost Plus World Market.

But have you ever wonder how it’s made?  This is where I commend friends on Facebook for sharing or liking articles, because then I can share them with you all!

There is a video, courtesy of that shows how Mochi is made.  In the video, Mochi Master Mitsuo Nakatani explains how it takes rhythm and fast reflexes to pound that mochi.  Don’t believe me, watch the video below.  And he should know, he’s been doing it for 23 years!

So enjoy your mochi.  It’s taken quite a pounding.  The full article can be found here:

Article courtesy of


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