Kiznaiver Opening on iTunes

Right now on iTunes, you can now purchase “Lay Your Hands on Me,” the opening theme from Kiznaiver.  The entire EP is available for pre-order for $4.99 (to be released in June 22nd), or you can just download the song for $1.29.  This is the extended version of the song, which runs at about six minutes.


Unfortunately, this will be the Boom Boom Satellites last EP release.  It was announced at the beginning of the month that vocalist and guitarist for the group, Michiyuki Kawashima, is suffering from his fourth relapse with a brain tumor.  It has cause partial paralysis, making him wheelchair bound.  From an announcement made on the groups Facebook page, his time is short; so touring was cancelled due to his worsening condition and, so he can spend the remainder of his time with his family.

If you haven’t seen Kiznaiver yet, I highly recommend it.  It comes from Studio Trigger, who is also famous for the show Kill la Kill.  I could not find the opening on Youtube (due to licensing issues most likely), but here is a preview video.  It is currently streaming on Crunchyroll, with new episodes airing every Friday.


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