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Hello everyone.  Welcome to another round of what anime you should be watching as suggested by yours truly.  Since classic Sailor Moon is at an end and season three of Crystal is almost over, there are other awesome series to occupy your time, right?  Todays blog choices are of the more sad and brooding type of anime, so prepare the tissues and hopefully you have enough fingernails left to bite off for those tense moments.

Your Lie in April:


Kosei Arima is a child prodigy.  After winning numerous piano tournaments at a young age, he suffers a mental breakdown during a competition shortly after his mother/tutor passes aways.  He quits playing piano on account that even though his hearing is fine, whenever he plays, the sounds of the music become muffled like he’s drowning in the ocean.  Fast forward two years.  Kosei still doesn’t play piano and takes a safe view of the world, with dull and muted sounds and colors.  He is then introduced to Kaori Miyazono, a violinist prodigy who breaks all the rules and plays classical music with a free spirit to match.  She encourages Kosei to compete again and become her competition partner.  While apprehensive at first, he agrees to join her, and his muted world is about to become more colorful.

Based on the manga by Naoshi Arakawa, Your Lie in April started airing in October 2014 and ended in May 2015.  It is currently streaming on Crunchyroll.  While I completed this series about a couple months ago, the emotional impact has stayed with me since.  While seemingly happy when it starts, the emotions will hit after a few episodes.  It is great at character development, and it’s one of the few animes where I had tears in my eyes during numerous episodes.  It’s great on playing with you emotions and relating and feeling those emotions with the characters.  From the uncomfortableness of seeing Kosei’s abuse by the hands of his mother to Kaori’s struggle with illness, it will keep you on your seat and wondering what will happen the next episode.

A live action picture has been announced and it’s teaser trailer premiered recently.  I hope it will be released stateside because I will most definitely be seeing it.




If you were given a chance to change the past to correct the future, would you?  Satoru Fujinuma has an ability known as “Revival,” which allows him to go back in time just moments to prevent life threatening incidents from happening.  After his mom is murdered by an unknown assailant, and he is framed for her murder; his “Revival” ability takes him back 18 years rather than mere moments.  In order to prevent his mother’s murder and find her killer, he must solve and prevent a series of kidnappings/murders that happened in his childhood from taking place.

Erased, or as its manga is known by Boku Dake ga Inai Machi (The Town Where Only I am Missing), aired between January 8th, 2016 to March 25th, 2016.  Crunchyroll streamed it as it aired and it is still streaming the series.  There was a live action movie made for this as well, which was released shortly after the anime.

This choice actually comes way from my husband Brad, who as I quote, “somehow finds and is pulled into sad, brooding anime.”  He usually finds his anime suggestions through Kotaku, and Erased just happened to be one of their lists.  Erased is a tension filled mystery thriller.  It’s only 12 episodes, but it’s just enough to keep you on the edge of your seat.  You’ll keep guessing which of Satoru’s peers is the culprit, but your gut feeling will always take you back to your original guess… Maybe!  A great series that’s better than most regular mystery TV shows that are now currently on television.  It’s so good Brad and I practically binged watched this in about 3 days.

Both series are still streaming on Crunchyroll, so happy viewing!  In the next few days, I will be taking a look at a couple classic anime shoes from the late 1970’s on “You Should be Watching.”


4 thoughts on “You Should Be Watching

  1. I loved both of these. Your Lie in April just made me cry so much whereas Erased had me screaming in frustration when I had to wait for the next episode because I just wanted to know what happened next. Very different from Lost Village when the episode ends and I think thank-you before pondering whether or not I care enough to watch the next episode.


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