Merriam-Webster Senpai Noticed!


Every year, Merriam Webster always looks at the pool of Urban/Slang terms that became popular or were used frequently.  Out of that pool, they decide which ones to add to their updated dictionary.  There are about 2,000 entires that made this years cut, and Merriam Webster certainly noticed one in particular.

Over the past couple years, by way of mostly Memes and Tumblr, the anime meme “Notice Me Senpai” has been used very frequently.  Senpai” is a Japanese term used to represent someone who is of a higher grade level than you (mostly in high school), or just generally someone of older age.  The common theme in some anime or in general is wondering whether you got noticed by a Senpai you admire.  Sailor Jupiter always sees certain boys that reminder her of her “Senpai.”


So with usage of these memes online, on Tumblr, and even the frequent use on Youtube by Pewdiepie, the word “Senpai” has been considered for the Merriam-Webster dictionary.  While it’s not a guarantee that “Senpai” will be chosen from the 2,000 entries this year, at least we know Merriam-Webster’s Senpai at least noticed.


Source: Anime News Network (ANN)



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