Favorite Anime Moms

Happy Mothers day to all you moms out there.  There are some really cool moms in the anime-verse that deserve a shout out today.  Here is a list of some of my favorite anime moms for this Mothers Day.

*Warning: There may be possible spoilers.  If you have not seen any of the anime listed below and do not want to be spoiled, refrain.  Otherwise read at your own risk.*

Hana, Wolf Children:


Hana is the main character from Mamoru Hosoda’s film Wolf Children.  She has to become a super mom after tragedy takes the life of her soulmate, the wolf man.  With their children taking on the characteristic of changing into wolves like their father, Hana has to try her hardest to keep their secret.  Many scenes in the film shows her decisions torn in two.  For example, in one scene, her daughter (while in dog form), swallows and ingests a bag of silica.  Hana rushes into the night, fearing her daughter might die, but then is put into the hard decision to take her either to a human emergency room or a veterinary emergency room.  In the end she just makes two phone calls, but never goes to either as Yuki manages to purge it.  So let’s honor supermom Hana for taking care of two wolf children.  If you haven’t seen the movie, it’s worth a look.  Mamoru Hosoda is hailed as the next Miyazaki, which are come BIG shoes to fill.


Usagi Tsukino / Sailor Moon, Sailor Moon:


While she is a bit of a crybaby and a glutton to boot, Sailor Moon (Usagi Tsukino) makes one hell of a mom.  In 30th century Tokyo, she and Tuxedo Mask have a daughter, Chibi Usa.  When Chibi Usa travels back in time to find Sailor Moon during the Dark Moon arc, Sailor Moon is a little doubtful of where Chibi Usa’s trust lies.  When she finds out she is her future daughter, that changes everything.  She becomes Chibi Usa’s trainer when Neo Queen Serenity sends her to the past to become a stronger Sailor Scout.  Sailor Moon is very protective of her is so many ways.  She even leaps of a floating island to save her during Sailor Moon Super S.  It takes a powerful mom to make a powerful daughter, and Sailor Moon gives that to Chibi Moon.

Sailor Moon Super S

Ikuko Tsukino, Sailor Moon:


If there is anyone else who has the patience to deal with Usagi Tsukino’s whining and never ending hunger besides the other Senshi, it would be her earthly mother Ikuko Tsukino.  I say earthly only because Usagi’s real mom was Queen Serenity in a past life. Ikuko is kind and gentle, but also like every mother she does strive for the best in her children; even when Usagi lacks any motivation to do so.  She also treats Chibi Usa as if she were her own child as well, even though Chibi Usa is just masquerading as a distant cousin.  She does give Usagi credit for her mature moments, but also has a great mothers intuition.  In the manga, Usagi leaves the cats with her so they can recoup, mentioning that Minako isn’t around to take care of Artemis.  When Usagi leaves, Ikuko gets a sense that she will not be coming home.  She turns out to be right as Sailor Moon meets up with the Star Lights to defeat Galaxia.


Lady Achika, Tenchi Muyo in Love:


Tenchi Miyazaki remembers his mother passing away a couple years after he was born.  He didn’t know much about her, only that she was beautiful and she had loved him immensely. In the movie, Tenchi Muyo in Love, Tenchi gets to encounter the mother he never knew, on top of protecting her from the super villian Kain, who’s out to kill her because she is part of the Jurai bloodline that sealed him away.  Lady Achika ends up kicking ass and saving not his father Nobuyoki, but her future son as well.  Tenchi takes comfort in the fact that even though her Juraian powers is what cut her life short; it was that selfless act that allowed his father and him to carry on.

Risa, Ponyo:


Risa is the mother of Sosuke, one of the main characters in Miyazaki’s cute film Ponyo.  She is a multi-tasker and a super mom, taking care of things while her husband Koichi is out at sea.  She is an awesome driver, fighting a huge storm of waves to get to their house on the hill (as you can see in this trailer):

She even goes so far as taking care of Ponyo as her own and saving a majority of the town when it becomes flooded.  Kudos to Risa!

Delia Ketchum, Pokemon:


From the start of his journey in Kanto to his current one in Kalos, Ash’s mom Delia has supported him from the start.  Like everyone one else, she had dreams of also becoming a great Pokemon Trainer and a model, but sacrificed those dreams when she delivered Ash into the world.  She is loved by all, so much so in fact that she was even kidnapped by the Legendary Pokemon Entei to take care of his child friend Molly.  He hypnotizes her at first, convincing her she is Molly’s real mother.  Once she finds out Ash is out to rescue her, she breaks free and convinces Molly that what she is doing is wrong.  She’ll always be there to support Ash throughout Pokemon’s legacy.

Yuriko Goda, My Love Story:


One of the more recent anime moms I’ve come to love is Yuriko Goda, Takeo’s mom from My Love Story.  Yuriko is full of spunk and has a can do everything attitude.  She also used to be a professional wrestler.  Takeo is very protective of her, but tends to become a little too over protective when he finds out she is pregnant with his younger sister.  Yuriko can still do everything despite this, much to Takeo’s stress.  She becomes a hero too.  She meets another mother whose pregnancy is almost in tandem with hers and when the mother goes into labor; Yuriko carries her to the hospital, despite being close to labor herself.

Well, those are my favorite anime moms for this Mothers Day!  Make sure to call and visit your moms today, and tell them you love them!





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