Persona 5 Gets Release Date…

… in JAPAN!!

Atlus Games had a live stream event this morning with a new trailer for 5th game in this franchise announcing the release date.  The awesome trailer is below.

Being a fan of Persona, I will be purchasing this game for my PS4.  Atlus has set a release date in Japan for September 15th, 2016.  There will be a regular edition that will cost 8,800 yen ($82 US), and a 20th Anniversary collector’s edition which will cost 13,800 yen ($129 US).  The collectors edition will include a five disc CD soundtrack, special DLC content which will include uniform sets from Persona 3 and 4, an artbook, and a deluxe art treasure box.


There will also be a Persona 5 anime series that will air shortly before the games release.  It will act as a prologue to the in game story.

No word on on when the game will be released in the US.  Rumor has it that Atlus does plan to try and release it here before the end of 2016 (which seems unlikely since they are getting a September release date).  Altus will release more news on this game at this years E3.


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