Kingsglaive Final Fantasy 15

Square Enix posted the first trailer to their new film that coincides with Final Fantasy 15.  It looks amazing!

The film will parallel with events that happen in the game.  Director Takeshi Nozue was quoted in Game Informer Magazine that Kingsglaive will be a distinct film in comparison to Advent Children. “Advent Children wasn’t really a movie,” he stated.  “It was more of a video feature in essense.  Movies have proper stories and that story needs to be expressed to the audience.  That’s the biggest difference between Advent Children and this project.”

Sony Pictures also released a longer teaser trailer.  So far, Sean Bean (Game of Thrones), Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad), and Lena Headey (Game of Thrones) will be in the english version of the film.  Here is the Sony trailer:

The film will open in Japan on July 9th.  It will head to Blu Ray on September 30th.  There is no release date for either theaters or blu ray in America, but the english website states it’s “coming soon.”

Source: Anime News Network, Game Informer


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