Moon Day 4/11/2016

The final episode of Sailor Moon Sailor Stars aired this past Monday.  So after airing every Monday for two years, the classic Sailor Moon we all know and love is finally at an end.  And this time we in the states finally got to see this final season.  Now we just need Viz to get on the ball and release the movies and specials!!  So here is your final summary of Sailor Moon Episode 200.

Episode 200: “Usagi’s Love! The Moonlight Lights up the Galaxy!”

Waves of energy emanate from Chibi Chibi, after Sailor Galaxia attempted to take Sailor Moon’s star seed.  The Silver Crystal is then returned to Usagi.  After a mass of pink energy  blasts out, Usagi awakens in this pink light.  A voice calls out to her.  She awakens and asks who is calling her.  The voice replies that she is the Light of Hope, and she has been  searching a long time for someone who was able to accept her power.  A pink star seed makes its way to Usagi.  Usagi is amazed how warm the light is.  The Star Seed turns into a sword.  The voice then tells Sailor Moon that she is to seal Sailor Galaxia with the sword.  Sailor Moon cries that she does not want to fight her.  Sailor Galaxia realizes what the sword entails.  Her bracelets break, causing Chaos to finally take over her body.  As they fight, Usagi pleads with Sailor Galaxia that they shouldn’t fight.  The Light of Hope says Sailor Galaixa can no longer hear reason, as Chaos has taken over.  Sailor Moon does not give up, even as Sailor Galaxia breaks her sword.  Sailor Chibi Chibi appears, severely injured.  She then disappears.  As Sailor Galaxia is about to deliever the final blow, Sailor Moon releases her Silver Crystal and claims she sees the faint light of hope within Galaxia.  As Sailor Moon grabs Sailor Galaxia’s hand, Chaos cracks apart, and revels the real Galaxia.  Galaxia thanks Sailor Moon for freeing her.  She is still concerned that Chaos will still come back, but Usagi assures her that if the light of Hope is still in peoples heart, then Chaos will cease to exist.  Galaxia then takes all the star seeds, and guides them back into space.  Usagi cries, realizing that she is alone, but she did try her best.  The Scouts appear and reassure her that she is never alone, and that she did good.  Mamoru then appears with Chibi Chibi.  He mentions that the girl led him to Usagi and that it’s all over.  The Starlights and Princess Kakyu return to the stars, in hopes of finding a new planet.







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